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The Legendary Technomancer


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Neo was a developer of a triple A company, participated in the development of several famous games and received the title of genius game developer in the industry. While other developers needed thousands of lines of code to perform a certain action in a game, Neo was able to simplify those lines to just 20% of that while using means he created himself after years of programming. Unfortunately, this didn't last forever. After years of programming without medical care, Neo developed a terrible tendonitis and had to abandon game development or he would have to amputate his hands. Unable to develop more games, Neo lost the meaning of life. He loved to develop games that could delight children and adults, but now he couldn't do any of that anymore. One day, while Neo was drinking alone in his apartment, an explosion caused by a gas leak killed him. However, Neo was still alive, this time in the body of a young mage who developed cards in a famous school of magic in another universe. Incredibly, Neo discovered that the magic of this world was like the coding of his old world. Using his knowledge of game development, Neo will become a legend in this new world, both in terms of entertainment and making game spells a reality. This is the beginning of the legend of Neo, The Legendary Technomancer.


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