The Legendary Pseudo-villain
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The Legendary Pseudo-villain


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What is The Legendary Pseudo-villain

Read The Legendary Pseudo-villain novel written by the author cherlyswan on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering action, adventure, overpowered, transmigration, betrayal. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Over-confidence can get you killed or in Hecathe’s case, it can get you transmigrated into a parallel universe that is trying to kill you. It all started with a simple, “Mom! I want to be a villain!” Years later, Hecathe stood at the top of the economy with his Zuex company squeezing out every last penny from the pockets of the helpless consumers. One day he looked over at his secretary and confidently questioned, “When the country runs on your money, do you really think it matters if I’m driving legally or not?” The heaven’s laughed as they heard this. To think that a mere human was this arrogant?! The heavens: “Let’s pull a UNO reverse card on him!” Hecathe’s eyes were glued to his phone as he heard the loud screeching of tires that made him look up and... Ha. Ha. Ha. The heavens probably had the last laugh... Or did they? Hecathe remembered getting hit by a car but instead of waking up in a hospital, he woke up in a stinky jail with heavy chunks of metal chains wrapped around his whole body as if it were a straitjacket. An expensive custom-made straitjacket. Fantasy || God-complex || Sci-fi || Villain protagonist || Politics || Mystery || Adventure || Suspense || Parallel universe || Bromance || Rich and Arrogant protagonist || Elements and magic || MechaXMagic || Story by: Cherlyswan Cover art by: Cherlyswan


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Look who's here! Brownie points for everyone that said shameless author Cherry! Cough~ Cough~ "This is a novel about a righteous man, our dear MC who has always tried to protect humanity and works with no selfish goals in mind. He's the perfect example of what a hero should be!" "..." *Throws the script away* "Yeah right! Don't believe this rubbish! Hecathe is anything but a hero! He's overconfident, selfish, prideful, greedy, arrogant, violent and the list goes on and on and on and on-" Hecathe: They get it! It goes on! "..." "Just read or Cherry will haunt you in your nightmares!"


if i leave a review will the author give me a zelium car too???? i love it!!!!!! hecathe sounds so badass and modest *cough* *cough* i love him💜💜 The starting threw me off so much that for a second i thought the author got a ghost writer. it didn't sound like you but then it turned out to be a story and then a dream. surprise after surprise! finally Hecathe was introduced as this overconfident guy and i was like... Marry me, Hecathe!!!


really great start, as expected from author cherry. our hero is too modest 😂🤣😂🤣waiting for the next chapters to know the story development .please update regularly


the MC of this story is shown smart when he is a child. but when grows old is turned into an idiot. I think he is lower than Japanese beta main character. it took 12 chapters to realise that he is in a different body. then I dropped this shot.


Hooked with the first chapter of the book, the author writes it well. Descriptive enough to make the readers imagine. this book is great! [img=update][img=update]


Woot woot! A great author and a new novel! Author writes with great quality and wonderful visuals! The dialogues are beautiful as well! What are you waiting for? Go read it! ❤️❤️❤️


Can I tell you that I know this author and I want to complain! Some people who are new might not know this. But Ms Swan here is an absolutely terrible writer... she plays with people's feelings in her works and also bullies slow authors in writing sprints to flex her incredible finger muscles. The impact of her natural talent can be seen in her books! But no, honestly, I'm just praising the author. Also, this is a review swap. I'm just wasting your time and acting like an attention whore. You're completely welcome to dislike my review!


I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3 I wuv it <3


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I love the first chapter.. tho its the only thing I read but I can tell it that the novel will be a great one and the author is really great at this type of genre. Keep it up!


love the way the opening lines captivate your soul like a siren dragging you bellow the surface. It called out to me because I saw the author and I bet you won't be disappointed by this story :)


Just the title alone is interesting and I'm expecting lots of incredible moments in this one. The book may lack chaps as of the moment, making the world background and story progression somewhat unclear, but I'm confident enough to say that this book will end up great, considering the author's skill with his craft. I'll leave this here to tell future readers not to miss this one.


First of all, I just wanted to say that your cover is really beautiful!! Reading the synopsis and initial chapters, I admit that this is a top tier book. It is well written that would make you wanting for more. The synopsis caught my attention leaving me curious about what would happen in the future. Great book author!!! and give me a zelium car too.


Okay, so this is probably the most sensible villain for me. Do they want to compete? Destroy their resources. Do you want to test something? I already did that. MC is made of all the Necrosis, Arrogance, and all things bad. Thanks to the plot armor, the Author threw in Zelium. TADA, super-rich, super-bad*ss, yet an intriguing MC. Waiting for further updates anxiously.


Hiya writer. I loveeeeee the book. Your writing is too great to describe. I love how beautifully you describe each thing. The setting is lit. More power to you.Xoxo[img=update][img=recommend]


Nice one , well the story is nice and the characters are awsome. waiting for next one..... signing off *salute*.....*lmao* This one is real bye....


Wow! Excellent start, Author! I'd like how you narrate the story and how you used the words to describe the world. Good job author! Please continue to make a new masterpiece


En??? Since when was there a Bromance tag??? Did I just read wrong the first time??? IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FIVE STARS! FIVE STARS! Oh yes the story is good.




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