The Inheritance Of The Supreme Immortals

In the vast and grand universe, myriad treasures and artifacts existed, some crafted by the Grand Dao of the universe itself, while countless others paled in comparison to the might of those created by the Grand Dao. Yet, amidst the cosmic expanse, one individual achieved the extraordinary feat of fashioning a treasure on par with those birthed by the Grand Dao. This creator wasn't mortal, nor an immortal cultivator who had ascended to the pinnacle of power. Neither inherently good nor bad, this enigmatic figure stood as the genesis of countless races—a shattered being unlike any ever witnessed. Known by many names, the most prominent being the 'Son of the Universe'. Born directly from the Grand Dao of the universe, he was not the first entity to be brought forth in such a manner. The universe had previously given rise to beings governed by the System of Reality—known by various titles such as Heavenly Daos or World Trees—acting as gods of creation for innumerable planets across the universe. These divine entities, also referred to as the 'Daughters of the Universe', were exclusively female, with no sons among them. However, the Grand Dao of the universe defied this established norm, birthing a Son and thereby breaking the rules of the System of Reality. The treasure forged by the 'Son of the Universe' was lost to time, only to reappear fortuitously in an alley on a fateful night. On that particular night, a young man named Sam Hailstorm stumbled upon this extraordinary artifact, forever altering the course of his life. As for why the Grand Dao birthed such an unimaginable being, why this treasure found its way to Sam, and the purpose behind the Son of the Universe creating such a powerful artifact, join Sam on his journey of discovery as he unravels the truths and destinies that lie ahead. [A/N: As the story unfolds over several dozen chapters, the protagonist will evolve into the epitome of overpowering prowess. While the narrative will predominantly shift towards elements such as romance, face-slapping, power-ups, world exploration, comedy, and slice of life, it doesn't imply an absence of intense battles. Conflicts, wars, fights, and instances of revenge will still play significant roles in the overarching storyline.] [Tags: [R-18], [harem],[Comedy],[Wars],[Frequent Power Ups], [Cultivation],[Overpowered],[Necromancy],[Action],[plot], [Magic],[Adventure],[Supernatural],[Vampire],[Werewolf],[Demons],[Devils],[Dragons],[Slice Of Life], [World Exploration]]

Sam_OverPowered · Fantasy
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158 Chs

Chapter 71: Explosive Thoughts - 2

Not far away, Amelia narrowed her eyes with an irritated look as she observed the way Yuna was looking at Sam. 'Tch, another one bites the dust. It seems I have to up my game, as the competitors are increasing at an alarming rate. I must secure my place as the first wife.'

Amelia's gaze then shifted to another figure emitting Sennyu resonance. 'A dragon from the Hailstorm clan, huh? Just like that werewolf and this Qilin girl, she also gives me this Sennyu resonance.'

'I wonder how darling came up with this name 'Sennyu Resonance'?' Amelia smiled to herself as she observed the new dragon girl.

The girl she was observing was Ophelia Hailstorm, daughter of Duncan Hailstorm, who was the youngest brother of Alexander Hailstorm, recently banished from the Ancestral Manor. 

the girl's milky hair flowed down her back up to her waist, and her dark black eyes contemplated Sam with an expression only she understood.