The Incubus System

Warning: Mature content, R18, Harem, No NTR, No Rape An 18-year-old poor college student tried to apply for a job as a tutor but his life almost ended as demons' meal. In his last breath, a mysterious woman gave him a strange power. When he opened his eyes he had turned into a demon with a system that will turn him into... A pervert. Now he must live with his dual identity as a model student named Ethan and an incubus named Damian, while conquering MILF, monster girl, beautiful elf, demon loli which sometimes leads him to complicated relationships. ------------ Other tags : Hiding Identity, Monster Girls, Tentacles, Character Development, Weak to Strong, Incest *Most of my story has a big harem, I'm not interested in writing a small harem with only two or three girls. The MC is not an arrogant type and doesn't carelessly kill people nor let the others died in his presence. He also doesn't treat his woman as a sex object. Even though this is a harem story, some parts of this story will make you tear up and have some funny scenes. *This story has a lot of steamy scenes and playful kinky games that you've never read before. Read by your own risk. Some illustrations and characters images are on my Discord channel. My Discord: https://discord.gg/mSRHyMVhnG ------------ Other works: *Seven Sins System *Dragon King's Harem *Dark Moon: Rise of The Dark King *Demon Lord's Succubus (Completed)

Nanakawaichan · Fantasy
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* Camila Creststream - Human.

A rich woman who married through arranged marriage at a young age. At the age of 35, she already has an 18-year-old daughter. Although she was not happy with her marriage's life, but she still tried to keep it, unfortunately, her husband brought his affair home and demanded a divorce. In a state of depression, she decided to go to Ledred, a male prostitution district in Nighthallow City, to do a one-night stand with a prostitute just to vent her frustration and disappointment. But in the end, she met Damian and eventually fell in love with him.

Body Description :

She's about medium height, beige skin colour and D-cup breast size. Her appearance looks fragile and feminine with a soft gaze making her different from her tomboyish daughter (Olivia Creststream). Her straight brown hair is covering her back up above her buttocks. Her cyan eye colour makes her even more attractive. She has slender hands, no muscle tone, a narrow waist, toned legs, and small feet. She usually wears a mini dress with a coat that is mostly black, a thin makeup with sandy pink lipstick and wears no jewellery.

* Olivia Creststream - Human.

A female student at Diamond College who has a tomboyish appearance. She is a skilled female martial artist and feared by all men for her fierce attitude. Olivia has fierce eyes that are completely different from her mother (Camila Creststream) since she got it from her father. She is Emma Lunaspark's best friend as well as her classmate, their relationship is so close that everyone says she is Emma's bodyguard. She considers all men as a virus that deserves to be exterminated from this world since she often sees her father mistreating her mother, but Ethan changes her mind. Olivia became interested in Ethan after he lent his sweater to Olivia and began to fall in love after Ethan accompanied her to find her mother in a prostitution district, Ledred.

Body Description :

She has a tomboyish appearance with fierce eyes that makes her feared by men and makes her different from her feminine mother (Camila Creststream). Her short straight brown hair is hanging up to her neck. Unlike her mother who had a soft gaze with a cyan eye colour, she has a fierce gaze and black eye colour, the same eye colour as her father. As a martial art, she has an athletic body with toned muscles, especially her arms and legs. She is slightly taller, has darker skin compared to Camila and C-cup breast size. She usually wears a simple t-shirt with a boyish jacket (she started wearing this after an embarrassing incident that made Ethan lent his sweater to her) and jeans. She never wears makeup so her lips remain in a natural colour and wear no jewellery.

* Pearl Seabloom - Kraken.

She is the Ledred District's ruler, a red light district specifically for male prostitution. She leaves from her home on Treasure Reef Island to the Vihrasil continent in search of her ideal man. With her wealth and talent, she deliberately changes a small district in Nighthallow City into a red light district since she wants to find a wild man who can conquer her among male prostitutes. Like the other Kraken's descendants, she has high pride and likes to play with newbie male prostitutes. She is usually at the Sea Devil Club, the biggest and most famous club in the district to have fun with the male prostitutes she chooses for a night. Later she falls in love with Damian after she finds two sides in him, even obsessing over taming him.

Body Description :

She has a cute face with eyes full of dignity. She's about medium height, pale skin colours like a vampire and D-cup breast size. She has shoulder-length, slightly curly, indigo hair with blue sapphire eye colour. Her favourite outfit is a black mini dress with deep cleavage, showing her sexy body clearly. And she can change her eight tentacles into ordinary human feet because of her royal blood lineage. Her tentacles have the same pale colour as her skin with a faint purple colour in some parts. She has a slender waist, no muscle tone and wears a thin makeup with nude lipstick.

* Diamond Seabloom - Kraken.

She is the Diamond College's owner, the best College in Republic Aeros and Pearl's twin sister. Just like Pearl, she leaves Treasure Reef Island in search of her ideal man who is always described as a perfect gentleman. Even though they are twins but different from Pearl who likes to play around, Diamond has higher intelligence than her twins, making her think she is even higher than the others even among the Kraken's descendants itself. Later she falls in love with Ethan after he makes her swallow her own trap, even making her obey him after Ethan shows his dominance.

Body Description :

She has the same appearance as Pearl, what distinguishes them is that Diamond has a small mole under her right eye and softer gaze. Besides that, her favourite outfit is a turtleneck sweater with a skirt, sometimes she wears round glasses. Even though she has the same hair colour and length, she prefers to braid or tie her hair to the side.

* Mia Ashelis - Lamia.

She is a crown princess of the Serpent Rock kingdom who is currently in exile period. During her exile, she lived as a commoner without any help from her kingdom. She lives next door to Ethan's house and is always helping him and his sister especially since Ethan's father passed away. She is an independent girl who is full of passion and easy to get along with. She met Damian in Nighthallow City when she was heartbroken and nearly became demons' meal. Eventually, she falls in love with Damian after he helps her to soothe her mating period pain and accepts her unusual sex habit that makes her difficult to get a boyfriend.

Body Description:

She has an elegant face with sharp black eyes, ivory skin colour and E-cup breast size. Her straight maroon hair is covering her back up above her buttocks. Usually, she wears office attire, such as a shirt with a blazer and skirt, besides that, she wears a simple mini dress. Its tail, which is two meters long, is red with golden scales. Despite she has no muscle like Olivia but she has toned abs. She usually wears a thin makeup with sugar plum lipstick.

* Celia Strongheart - Human.

Ethan's younger sister. Celia was a cheerful girl, but after their father's death, her attitude towards Ethan turned cold. Ethan thought she blamed him for their father's death but Celia finally admits she did it to stay away because she had feelings for him. Celia is very fond of cooking and is diligent in keeping the house clean, even she decided to continue it to culinary school, Alumore College.

Body Description:

She's a little shorter than Ethan, has a cute face, brown eye colour with energetic gaze, beige skin colour and C-cup breast size. Her straight brown hair is covering to the middle of her back with bangs. She has a slender waist, no muscle tone, toned hands, and small feet. She usually wears a simple t-shirt with a skirt that usually in pink and wears no makeup except her favourite pink parfait lipstick.

*Lilieth - Succubus.

Lilieth (DLS) Before turning into a Succubus, Lilieth was a princess from the kingdom of Euthenia named Eve. Her husband, the crown prince of Aeros, Reyn Whitelight, betrayed her on her wedding day and killed her entire family, even sacrificing her to the strongest demon lord, Damon Arcano Malignus. But in the end, Damon offered her a contract to become his succubus and gave her power for revenge. She accepted his offer since she had no choice. Although their relationship was originally based on a contract, they eventually fell in love with each other. Lilieth is the name that Damon gave her after she turned into a succubus.

(TIS) Lilieth is a mysterious royal succubus that helps Ethan from the rat demons and turns him into an incubus. She's the one who told Ethan about the crack between the dark dimension and the human world and also taught him how to control his alter ego. She was the admin of Ethan's The Incubus System before she opened his access to it and turned Ethan into a High Incubus.

She has a beautiful face and seductive eyes that make it difficult for all men to reject her.

Body Description:

She has a beautiful face, coral lips and seductive eyes that make it difficult for all men to reject her. She's about medium height, fair skin colour and E-cup breast size. Her appearance looks seductive yet wicked at the same time. Her long purple hair is covering her back up above her buttocks. Her brown (red if she is in her demonic form) eye colour has an alluring gaze. She has a slender body like a model with no muscle tone, but behind it, she has the power of a strong Royal Succubus. She usually wears a tight outfit which is formed from her hair to make it easier for her to move.

* Ethan Strongheart - Human

Ethan is a college student. He is a model student who always does his assignments on time and has a high GPA score. He lives with her sister, Celia Strongheart, in a small house in Ironshade Town. Ethan's father died a year ago in an accident, while his mother, who had remarried, moved to another city, leaving them behind. Later, he found out that his father was a demon hunter who was killed by demons. Ethan and his younger sister experienced financial difficulties for a year after his father's death because he only relied on money sent by his mother and from working part-time as a private tutor. Finally, Ethan decided to find a permanent job which led to his death and came back to life as an incubus named Damian Lucio.

Body Description:

He's about medium height with a friendly face and beige skin colour. His hair is slightly curly brown and a little messy. His brown eyes have a gentle gaze. His body was slightly thin compared to men of his age and without muscles which make him feel insecure. He usually wears a simple t-shirt with a sweater to cover his skinny body, jeans and a brown sling bag almost every day.

*Damian Lucio - Incubus

Damian is a handsome incubus who can make every woman fall in love with him in just one glance. He has a wild personality, good at seducing women, brave and confident. Influenced by his race as a demon, he is a dominant who dislikes anyone who tries to take or disturb his partners, family or friends, as well as a manipulator who can make his partners surrender themselves without any violence.

Body Description:

Damian is taller than Ethan, has sharp brown eyes (red if he is in his demonic form), good posture, and athletically tall. His face is more handsome than a supermodel. His hair dark blue hair is half messy with bangs that formed a comma on one side while the rest is neatly combed back. He usually wears a neat suit because of his profession as a prostitute.

* Emma Lunaspark - Elf.

A female student at Diamond College who has a feminine appearance and Olivia's best friend. Ethan has been in love with her since his first semester at Diamond College, but because Emma came from a rich family, Ethan decided to keep quiet and watch her from afar without daring to say hi. After Ethan turned into an incubus, he finally mustered up his courage to carry out his quest that connected to her and later he rescued her from the Rat Demons. He knows his father's real profession as a demon hunter from her since Emma is one of his father's discipline.

Body Description:

She has a sweet face, a gorgeous body with a soft gaze. Her shoulder-length silver hair, slightly curly with purple eye colour. As a demon hunter, she has an athletic body with toned arms and legs but not over, her waist remains slim making her look feminine. She has the same height as Olivia, has fair skin and C-cup breast size. She usually wears a feminine dress, but when she is on patrol she will wear a tight demon hunter uniform with a hood that covers her hair and face. She never wears makeup, except her favourite peach lipstick.

* Foxy - Demon.

A 118 old fox demon who fled from the Hounds who wanted to make her their bride. She was almost raped by the Hounds but Ethan helped her and eventually made her as his servant so she wouldn't have to kill humans to survive in the human world.

Body Description:

She has an innocent face, a small body and blonde hair that hanging to her neck. Her red eyes have energetic gaze. She is a little short with beige skin and B-cup breast size. She usually wears a yellow hoodie and a black skirt and never wears makeup. Her ears which are shaped like fox ears are black and her two tails are yellow.

*Mrs. Clea Moonstar - Elf.

A 36 year old female elf who lives next to Ethan's house. She lives with her child while her husband works overseas. She was Ethan's father's good friend before he died. She often looked at Ethan and Celia with a strange gaze full of sadness and regret, making Ethan suspicious of her.

*Kitty (DLS) is a rare cat Hybrid-beast that belonged to the underground society's ruler, a high mage named Diorix. She was born a slave and never experienced freedom in her life. Later, she fell in love with Andrew, Lilieth's knight. After Lilieth took Diorix under her influence, Diorix gave Kitty to Andrew and when his memory began to return and after Andrew loss his twin brother, he decided to release Kitty from slavery.

Kitty (TIS) thousand years have passed after the great battle in Lightglen City. Kitty is Lilieth's trustee Demon General who has extraordinary speed. She and three other Demon Generals assigned to solve the crack problem between the human world and the dark dimension also took care of the demons who were trying to escape to the human world.

*Tania (DLS) is a Female Dark Elf healer. Her tribe almost became extinct after a big conflict with the elves before finally deciding to exile and cover themselves by using the Tome Of Darkness to create an illusion wall. Later, she fell in love with Sarael, a necromancer who accidentally got lost in her tribe territory. And finally made a contract with Lilieth who turned her into a demon so she could heal Sarael who was dying.

Tania (TIS) thousand years have passed after the great battle in Lightglen City. Tania is Lilieth's trustee Demon General who has extraordinary healing skills. She and three other Demon Generals assigned to solve the crack problem between the human world and the dark dimension also took care of the demons who were trying to escape to the human world.

*Larry Grandroar - Human

He is Diamond College's student and also a good friend of Ethan since childhood. Despite his dramatic and childish attitude, he is very concerned about Ethan. Later, Ethan discovers that Larry is a top demon hunter as well as one of Ethan's stalker disciples, Ruby.

*Maria - Dark Priestess.

She is one of the dark dimension's elite soldiers. The daughter of the noble priestess demon. Like other elite soldiers, she has to patrol and close the crack that appears in the human world. Lord Damon has prepared her and three other elite soldiers as the future demon generals to serve Damian.