86 Chapter 84. Unusual

The Incubus System Chapter 84. Unusual

Ethan's PoV

09.50 PM

I didn't know how long we had been hugging like this but I didn't mind hugging her a little longer.

"It's getting late. I think I should go back now," her voice broke the silence between us.

I hugged her tighter.

"That fast? I can take you back later." I was sure with my portal skill, I could take her home faster than any vehicle. Even though I didn't know where her house was, but I knew which district her house was in.

She turned her face at me. While I released my hug.

"My ride will come soon," she frowned.


"In front of the Nighthallow Station," she answered.

"Okay, I'll take you there later. But now ..." I hugged her again, pressing her body against mine.

"Stay with me for a moment," I said in a relaxed tone.

"Ethannn," she scowled in a spoiled tone, her hands pushing me away to free herself from me.

"Why? Don't we still have time?"

"Don't act like a spoiled child," she pouted again.

I smiled.

"I'm not an ordinary spoiled kid." I brought my face closer to her.

"I'm a spoiled kid who can win a demon hunter heart," I teased.

She tapped my shoulders as smiles appeared on our lips.

"You are annoying," she said in joking tone.

She put her clothes back on, while I was also wearing mine. Well, I couldn't really say wearing, because I only had half my shirt left and it also already covered in blood, and so was my suit, but at least it was better than being naked. Besides, my suit still covered my back.

* Whoosh *

The wind rustling sound was heard when I opened my wings which had been covering us like a cocoon, exposing the cloudy night sky and letting the strong wind comb our hair.

"Are they going to add your punishment?" I asked. She had reported this incident to the headquarters but again, there were no demons when reinforcements arrived. Other than that, I brought her here, so they didn't find her either.

"I don't think so. The one who reported this was Theo, not me. Besides, after I met the other demon hunters, I just left Theo to them and returned to your place. I'm also sure they didn't see my face."

That explained why she was able to return so quickly before the other demon hunters arrived.

"Thank goodness. I thought I was going to give you more trouble." I held her hand.

"I'll take you to Nighthallow Station." At least it took nearly half an hour on foot to get there.

"No, it's okay I'll walk," she immediately refused in panic.

I chuckled. I could guess she thought I was going to take her like before since... Wasn't that what usually happened in novels and other romantic dramas if the main character had wings? Flying together with his lover and gaze at the city and sky. But of course, I couldn't do it carelessly except in an urgent situation like before, because if I flew too high the military would detect me as an unidentified flying object and it would expose my identity. So I would refrain myself for flying as much as possible if it was not urgent case or in my Devil Space.

"I won't use my wings," I said as I deactivated my Demonic Form.

[You have deactivated your Demonic Form.]

A second later, a dark aura covered my body, my wings, horns and tail turned into the dark aura and disappeared, and my eye's colour returned to normal.

Emma looked at me in amazement.

I chuckled again upon her reaction.

"Don't laugh at me. This is the first time I've seen such a thing," she said in embarrassment.

I pulled her closer and smiled as I stared at her.

"Then you will definitely be surprised for the next one." My hand reached out and imagined an alley in front of Nighthallow Station.


[Set your destination.]

'Alley in front of Nighthallow Station.'

[The destination has been set.]

A portal that resembled a small black hole opened in front of me.

[The portal has opened! ]

I lowered my hand when Emma dropped her jaw in shock.

"C'mon." I pulled her but she didn't want to move from her position.

"Ethan, what is that?" Her eyes stared at my portal in confusion.

"It's a portal. We can go back sooner with this." I pulled her again and this time she followed me.

As we entered the portal, she gripped my hand tighter. Darkness engulfed us and we walked towards a small light at the end of the passage. A few seconds later, our feet stepped into the light and the view around us suddenly changed.

[The portal has closed! ]

Her eyes swept around us in amazement as the portal behind us disappeared. She immediately realized our location upon seeing Nighthallow Station which was across the alley.

"Wha --- what? But ... How?" I could tell she was lost for words. But I understood if I was still a human and someone took me like that I might be confused like her.

"This is one of my skills." I really enjoyed her reaction, I just found out Emma had a cute side like this.

"Huh ... Ah." She took a deep breath, trying to shake off her surprise.

"You know what? Your skill is unusual, even for a demon."

"I know," I replied casually. It hit me, even though I didn't like this system at first but this system had given me great power. Not only among humans or demon hunters but also among the demons themselves.

A luxury car passing through our alley interrupted us

"I think that's my ride." She turned to me and smiled.

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"Thank you for today."

"I'm the one who should say thank you."

She just answered me with a smile and turned away. But after she took a few steps, I called her name.


She stopped her steps and turned to me.

"I mean it. Thank you," I continued. I was really happy she wanted to accept me.

She smiled again.

"You are welcome. See ya!" She turned around and resumed her steps.

After I made sure she got into her car, I opened the portal for me.


[Set your destination.]

'My house's backyard, Ironshade Town.'

[The destination has been set.]

[The portal has opened! ]

My feet stepped into the portal.

And when I got out of there I was already in the backyard of my house.

[The portal has closed! ]

I sighed and raised my head to look at my bedroom window. With my tattered clothes and covered in blood like this, I couldn't possibly go home through the front door as usual. Celia would be shocked and panicked if she saw me like this. Besides, it was still 10:00 PM, Celia usually still watched TV in the living room. I also couldn't open the portal to my room, because Celia could be there. Even though she never said anything but I knew she often came to my room. I realized it because some of my things moved from their original place.That's why I decided to climb up and enter through my bedroom window.

After stepping closer to the wall, I tried to find some grips and started to climb. It would be easier if I was in my Demonic Form but I couldn't do that since I was afraid my neighbours would see me. After all, a winged creature as big as a human who was trying to enter through the window was more conspicuous than a boy who suddenly disappeared in his backyard. Besides, I always hid behind a tree before opening my portal. Unfortunately, the tree was not tall enough to cover my bedroom window.

I peeked into the room through my bedroom window to make sure Celia wasn't there.

"AH!" A female voice from behind me startled me.

I turned around and saw Mrs Clea standing in her yard. Her layered silver hair tight in a bun revealed a full, warm face. Her fair skin gorgeously complemented her cheeks and her sparkling purple eyes that set graciously within their sockets stared at me in shock.

"THI --- THIE ---"

My hand waved quickly to interrupt her before she screamed.

"Mrs Clea, It's me! Ethan!" I said in a panic.

She narrowed her eyes to look at me more clearly as her feet took a few steps to get closer.

"Ethan? What are you doing there?" she said in confusion.

"I ----" I paused and lowered my head, looking for an excuse. If I said I lost my keys, I was sure she knew Celia was home. It was obvious because my house lights were on. If I said I wanted to surprise her for her birthday, as I recalled her child's birthday was the same as Celia's, so I guessed she would have known I was lying. And if I told her the truth that I avoided Celia because my clothes were torn and covered in blood, I was sure she would definitely panic and shock like Celia.

'I guess I'm really bad at finding excuses.'

"Ethan, did you just have a fight with your sister?" she asked worriedly.

"No, I didn't. I'm sorry, I have my own reasons. Please don't tell Celia about this," I said quickly.

She let out a sigh.

"Fine, then be careful."

I nodded and grateful that she just let it slide without asking me again. My hand opened my bedroom window and entered my room.

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