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The Idol's Wife


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What is The Idol's Wife

The Idol's Wife is a popular web novel written by the author Tea_Tae, covering ROMANCE, HANDSOMEMALELEAD, FANTASY, MUSIC, REVENGE, MARRIAGE, SHOWBIZ, IDOL, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 2M readers with an average rating of 4.73/5 and 87 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 348 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


(COMPLETED) Kwon Jiwon, also known as KJ, is the nation's heartthrob. Voted the most handsome and talented idol of the nation, KJ has achieved everything he ever dreamed of. Together with his group, EXOTIC, he is the rebellious idol who is a royalty in the music industry. But deep inside, KJ is hiding a dark secret, which can threaten everything he worked for. His decade long secret, for which he literally erased time and his past, to achieve the success he has today. Despite his success and fame, he is still pained by the past which only he knows about, making him feel isolated from everyone. His only companion is a mysterious talking cat, Jade, who made a dangerous deal with KJ years ago. However, fate intervenes when KJ is threatened by a criminal cartel. His past re-enters his life in the form of the beautiful but feisty Jung Mirae, the founder of the mercenary group Abyss who is hired to protect him. Despite having no recollection of her memories with KJ, Mirae is entangled with the lonely idol who is determined not to reopen the wounds of their erased past. To top it off, Mirae gets involved with Jiwon's best friend, Ash, unknowingly breaking Jiwon's heart in the process. What is KJ hiding? What is his connection with Mirae? Will they ever reconnect with each other in the present? A/N: This is my first attempt at writing a somewhat adult romance. I might be sloppy at it but please bear with me ;-; The cover is borrowed from google/pinterest but has been modified to suit my characters. Credit goes to original owners. Thank you. JOIN MY DISCORD CHANNEL: https://discord.gg/Yh5c2xj


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I enjoyed this novel and found it went completely against my expectations. I thought this was going to be another paint by number romance but it had time travel and a strange talking cat all I could think of is what is going on here which drove my interest and I had to keep swiping the pages to see what would happen next. There are some really heart breaking moments in this novel but overall even with the angst its still fairly bright novel to read. The characters are written well and the world is highly interesting.


Okay, so listen here. I'm not gonna lie... I don't like Romance novels. But this has me interested and I honestly might continue it xD We have some good grammar in this. We have a good backstory that has TIME TRAVEL! and a cat. We so far have a good MC. He seems to regret his decisions so i'm curious as to what he'll do about that. We got a talking cat that can time travel for some reason... kinda intrigued in that not gonna lie, also what made me read more than one chapter x) Oh and we also got a bit of Mafia stuff apparently from chapter 3... Overall I'd say this is looking pretty interesting... If you're into this kind of novel type you'll surely like it :) So go ahead! Start reading damn it! >:(


This story is amazing! Once you start reading the story you will be hooked. This book has me very engrossed in it. I haven't read a good story in so long!


This book is super addictive. Kj is one of my most favourite leading character. His character graph is really awesome. The female characters in the book are badass and cool. Really modern day women. The author has done a great job. Special mention for Jade and Cherry they are really cool.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler




Is still early to say much, but from the little I've read so far, I'm sure this is gonna be a nice adventure. The plot isn't common and also the author did a good job with the talking cat involvement, which I'm sure will pique your interest. I MEAN, A TALKING CAT, sounds fun right? Check this out an find out more, you're gonna love it


Tried, but I really don’t do well with reading novels where a second male lead is involved. Just not my cup of tea. Besides that point, I can’t really find many other faults and the premise of alternate timelines was quite interesting.


Dammnnnnn! You have got yourself a new fan πŸ™ˆβ™₯️ Just from reading eight chapters, I can say that you are doing a good job! Grammar is good, the way of how the author narrates the story is good too and having two male leads???? WOW! Can't wait to read more. β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️


A really, really intriguing plot. If you will start reading I bet one would get seriously #Hooked in the beginning. Worth reading compelling plotline, full of mystery combined with romance. ❀ One should give it a go without any second thought. #GuaranteedFun


It's only 3 chapters so far, but it's interesting! So many surprises in within the chapters. I like how the story developed so far, I hope you will update soon 😊 Thanks for introducing this novel to me!


The Story is a little complicated,but is great, grammar is good and a good read, I look forward to more release and how relationships of MC deploys and how see overcome her obstacles


super recommend 😻😻😻 the writing quality is very good, the plot holds us, the characters are super captivating. the action is well developed. I have to say that I’m team Ash😻, they’re so cute together 😹🀷😹


Love this book... it’s a love triangle between KJ, Mirae and Ash... I ship Ash and Mirae but at the same time feel bad for KJ and wish that he had not made the decision to chase his dream.. who have not wish that’s they can turn back time.. it’s a great story and I hope author can finish it. 😍


Love this!... I m starting to like WebNovel so much more instead of facing stupids & nonsence statues & stories from FB everyday... This is beyond my expectation... Never thought this would be my most addiction these very moment...keep it coming!!


Nice. Gets better and better. I love romance novels because you know they're completely unrelatable to in real life and the writer gets to express how they want it to pan out for themselves


Another story i never expected to keep reading,a second chance at life kind of story,that will indeed burst your brain(interesting)An interesting,exciting and enthralling story that will keep you on your phone all the time.Thanks Author for writing thisπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


I am loving the story line...the characters development has been great...I enjoyed every chapter I read I just want to be able to read all of it at once


Reading korean novels is like watching a very twisted korean drama. Every bit of this novel got me hooked... Kpop geoup exotic, KJ, Ash, Mirae i love how these characters have twisted fates around each other. I'm still reading it and will go to the end 😁. Thankyou author for your work...


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