The Horror Addict's Transmigration
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The Horror Addict's Transmigration


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What is The Horror Addict's Transmigration

Read The Horror Addict's Transmigration novel written by the author Aspinpen on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, system, bl, transmigration, horror. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"What are you here for?" "I just want to get scared..." Ye Delun is to put it simply, a horror addict. He strives to find something terrible enough to make him jump or scream. But after years of his strange unsatisfied addiction, he's forced into a last resort. Playing a game his friend recommended. A horror-based otome game. After getting over the fact that he's playing as a woman, and several men are chasing him, Ye Delun forces his playable character into terrifying situations in hope of finding some stimulation. But all he's left with is an obsessed husband every time and a supposed happy ending. Ye Delun wanted to give it another go, when an anonymous message arrived in his game mail. [Are you lonely and in need of a lover? Have you been falling asleep at night dreaming of fictional characters? Knowing good and well that they're not there? If you want that to change, then join us here at 'OtomeHorror'! Where we make fictional dreams come true and close single lives to an end!] And without a second thought, the horror entranced Ye Delun accepted. Tentacle Monster: "Fear me, mortals! For I am your living nightmare!" Ye Delun: "..." That's not scary at all, but he does look like dried squid... Tentacle Monster: "Hey... wait, why are looking at me like that?" Ghost: "You dare think you can live in my house? Over my dead body!" Ye Delun: "Ah.... but you are dead." Ghost: "Now's not the time!"


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Hello! ~( ´ ▽ `)~ Shameless author here to give my own review! This is a slow-burn type of novel with QT vibes, but the different worlds will be longer. I based this idea on some of the otome games that I've played and I wanted to have an interesting system/game elements twist. There are some dark scenes (horror is in the title so I had to include it) and I will try my best to make sure that it isn't too terrible to read. Thank you for reading and giving me support! (*≧ω≦*)



Ok, this needs to update real quick! I love the story and the originality of it. Especially the fact that mc becomes villain (I'm presuming there are gonna be multiple arcs so wondering if mc is always going to be the big boss). So far this is really funny, especially the recent chapter! (The villain is so pitiful having his house vandalized like that. and I love how we get those plot narrations, they crack me up.) MC is absolutely adorable and dense! Especially how he's so blunt. Like in the first chapter he just goes and says "Your muscles look good". But don't underestimate him, no-no-no. MC is super calm in situations. Like he saw a corpse for the first time and he mostly only felt disgusted because of the blood. He didn't feel guilty because as the system said "They are just data and their souls will be retrieved and not damages" or something like that. MC just wants to find something thrilling and scary! also. #PitifulVillainsJustice


This book and Author have alot of potential. The characters are well written and I like how gullable Ye Delun is. Good job Author, keep writing!!


I'm gonna give this book an early review because this book deserves it 😅 This book is so unique and fun to read. The MC's design is good, and I like the character. But, sound effect like *knock knock* is unnecessary, I think. Just describe it without the sound effect is fine. Overall, I enjoy reading this story [img=recommend]


This looks interesting, and the updating stability was also fast. The beginning really hook me so far, let's see if this remain consistent. Goodjob Author 💖


I like it so far, it looks so interesting. waiting for more .......fighting author and have a good day..............................................................[img=recommend]


I love it🖤the only reason I downloaded this app and it pains my heart to come on here and the books not updated yet😭😭I literally daydream about how the next chapter is going to be


Great book! Great read! Good novel! Need more! Please write more! Love how the MC interact with the world! Can't wait for more of the story!


love it!! I actually didn't want to read it at first as I look at the chapters name but thankfully i did because if I didn't i really would miss this! Okay first of all, I like how people can be suspicious of you and how it's actually or supposed to be a otome game. I like how the MC interact with the NPC.. idk if he notice but his super dense lol. His kinda emotionally problematic but I guess not to the extreme? idk if I even say it right lol. anyway, really looking forward for the new chapter~ PS: I'm not good at reviewing sorry.


💕💕💕💕 I love a good (somehow) funny horror 😂😂 I hope Delun somehow erases Yin Meng's suspicions maybe he can be on the verge of death or something 😉😂😂


Very nice book so far, would definitely recommend to anyone who loves a nicly written book😊 Ye delun is so funny in the ways he acts, and I love how Each character Has Their own personality!!🤌🤌🤌


great book (a separate plus for the fact that the main character also loves management, brotheeer)) As far as I can tell, it's worth reading (but I would like more updates, very interesting)




This was honestly one of the few webnovel books where I want to wait for a chapter. Literally I just abandon the book after reaching the lastest chapter, but whew! This thing was so amazing I can't abandon it. Though I was a tad bit confused on what was going on, this story is chef's kiss. >.<


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