1 Piles of problem

In the conference room ;

'What rubbish is this?' said a cold, thunderous voice.

Here we go again.

' Is this 'the best proposal' you all can come up with? You all know this proposal will represent 'The Raj' to the foreign delegates, who have no clue about this company or this country.

Yet this is all you all can come up with!' said Mr. Ashutosh Pratihast, the chairman of The Raj.

Everyone shut themselves out, half with fear, half with guilt, half with shame and half with the respect and reverence they have for their chairman.

Three people slowly changed glances with each other, then focused on the table full of their employees, who were definitely going to face a tough time in the hand of this devil, the one who has been referred to as 'Business Magnet' in India.

Ashutosh's line of sight falls on the mischievous trio and his anger fades away, replaced with a small, humble, heartily smile.

' Alright guys, that's all for the day. Redo the proposal and bring out your creativity, innovation and imagination to the next level. I will check this proposal personally tomorrow.

He might have been lenient, but I won't be. Either give the best proposal or pack your bags and say goodbye to 'The Raj'.' The soft, calm, feminine voice resonated in the silent room.

Even Mr. Pratihast raised his eyebrows, but decided to not say anything to the CEO of The Raj in front of its employees. Kirti Rajput; The Ceo of The Raj.

Soon, the employees left, leaving only the trio and the Chairman. Everyone stare at me, aka, CEO, waiting for some explanation or anything that I have to say in my stance as the matter-of-fact.

' What ? We need employees who can work. If they can't, then what's the point?' I counterattack.

' But Miss. Rajput, they have already given their best.' said my secretary, Miss Yuvika Chauhan.

' Their best.' Mr. Patihast asks back, his facial expression showcasing the disbelief, jungshook face of his.

We end up laughing.

' But at least that was better than the last one.' said Mr. Vivek Bacchas, the MD of The Raj.

' Yeah. Yeah. You will be saying the same, next time, too. Vivek.' Ashutosh replied, bringing another grin to everyone's face.

' But guys, seriously.. that was…' Yuvika started.

' Miss Chauhan, you know that's our boss's job to do.' I said lazily, feeling already sleepy with all the theoretical and complicated file work.

Business definitely isn't my thing. But, I don't want to be poor, either. So, here I am , with this trio, who help me run my company, despite being super busy with their own works, projects and companies.

' Yeah. Just like your job is to fly like a bird.' Mr. Bacchas said, earning another round of laughter.

'And yours is an ' internet sensation'. I retorted back, bringing another round of smiles.

Well, through some tragic series of fate, we end up meeting each other at one point of our life and now we are running 'The Raj' ; our blood, sweat and tears. Our struggle. Our freedom. Our success. First company in India which makes Trillion dollars turnover every year, creating new history.

But that's definitely not our first priority or full time hustle. The three of us started this company as a side hustle, but it blew up to such an extent that we had never even imagined.

' So, when is your next flight?' asks Miss Chauhan.

' Tomorrow. Guess where I am heading to, this time.' I said with the excitement of a three-year-old child, all over me.

' South Korea!' The trio replied in one breath. After all, those who knows me on a personal level, knows, how big of a fanatic I am of South Korea, K-culture, K-pop and K-drama.

' Unfortunately not. At least not yet. Miss Chakraborty knows me a bit too well.' I said, with a sad sigh, bringing smiles on their faces.

' Then, why so excited?' asked Mr. Bacchas.

' Because, I am going to Dubai and by sheer luck, BTS's concert is being held there.' I said, showcasing an ear-to-ear smile, while they just try to not to blurt out something that they shouldn't.

' You aren't planning to ditch the meeting next week. Are you?' Miss Chauhan asked.

' But the concert will be at the end of the second week. I have lost half of my life just by begging to Miss Chakraborty for that break.' I said, clearly clarifying my intentions of not attending another boring meeting.

' You know, this is your company.' Ashutosh finally asked, keeping his words, his anger and himself in check.

' But Boss, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.' I retorted back.

' But we need your diplomatic mindset here.' Vivek ends up adding.

' That's the reason why Miss Chauhan exists here, among us. She will cover up for me, as usual. Right, Miss Chauhan!' I asked, looking at the cute Barbie girl in front of me, who can turn into a beast, when it comes to business.

A girl, who is born for business. Making me wonder, why is she still my secretary and not the CEO of some great firm, herself. Ah, right, her loyalty thing.

' As you say, Miss Rajput.' Yuvika finally said. Her annoyance and irritation kept highly in check with utmost difficulty.

' Then, that's decided. See y'all soon.' I said and left the conference room, which always gives me a cold, suffocated feeling, completely opposite to the free, lively feeling which I feel, whenever I fly high in the sky, as a Pilot.


The trio left in the room, stare at each other with grim faces.

' We should have expected that.' Vivek ends up saying.

' I know. Miss Chauhan, be ready to fill her place.' Ashutosh replied with the hint of disappointment in his voice.

' Okay, Mr. Pratihast.' Yuvika nodded with a tight smile and left. After all, she knows, once again the mountain of files would be upon her. Gosh, she hates dealing with things without her Boss's guidance and presence.


' You know, she is like a free bird. She definitely isn't made for these four walls. No matter how magnificent, how vast, how spacious, luxurious, they are.' Vivek said, staring at the guy, who was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass window, his eyes fixed at the figure, who was leaving.

' Only if she has been like other girls. But, then again, her uniqueness is what makes her fatally attractive in front of everyone.' Ashutosh replied with a sad sigh.


As Kirti had promised, the proposal was being raised, which fortunately met Ashutosh's requirement, thus, letting hundreds of employees off the hook. After which, Kirti has bid her farewell to the trio, leaving them dependent on their own.


Few days later;

'What?' Ashutosh asked, his voice raising pitch higher than normal.

Come on, all thanks to his 'used-to-ditching-in-the-last-moment' worker,Kirti, he was already in deep trouble. Piles over piles of work kept accumulating over his tabletop. But as if The Holy Divinity has forgotten the presence of this fellow. His problems just won't come to an end.

Just now, Yuvika, assistant to the CEO has announced another terrible news to him. His parents are about to pay him a 'surprise visit', at any upcoming moment.


'What are the orders, Mr Pratihast?' Yuvika asked politely.

' As if I can order the assistant of that little devil. Just do what you see fit. But please save me from them.' Ashutosh gave that pleading look, which is completely unknown to everyone except the trio.

Yuvika exhaled a deep sigh. She hates dealing with things and people. Only if that heartless devil would have been here. The one who must be enjoying leisurely life somewhere out there, across the world.


' Sorry sir, I tried my best. But..' Before Miss Chauhan could finish, the voice rang out.

' Thank you so much Miss Chauhan. Now, please allow us to deal with our son.' Mrs. Pratihast said, with a loving, calm voice. But even Miss Chauhan knows, it wasn't a request but a command.

Left with no choice , she stares at Ashutosh, who stares back at her and nods. Then, she leaves the family alone.


She decided to take a stroll in the garden area of the building which had been constructed with the thought of relaxing and healing employees. She needs it. The relaxation.

But then her eyes fall on a couple, who was already there, probably spending some quality time, which is natural, especially when it's a newly blooming love. She just smiled and left the couple undisturbed.

After all, she isn't like her heartless bosses, who only care about work. She is a believer of love. So, she definitely won't fire these employees out, just like her devil boss who doesn't even allow her employees to gossip, to interact with each other, to say nothing about these special moments.

She took the elevator and decided to walk into the terrace to get some fresh air, with the serenic view of the sea to calm at least some of her taut nerves out. Luckily, there was no one. Or at least that's what she thought.

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