The Half-Blooded Book

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The Half-Blooded


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15 years old Patricia Hayes, a student of 'Clairemont School of Wizards' who's been engaged in a battle between the Gold and the black wizards, have been curious about herself. Be with Her as she uphold the truth about her true identity. Join Patricia Hayes in her Magical Journey with her bestfriends, Peteriona Ethereal Rose and Pariana Ayesha Rose. Be a Pixiestail Wizard! The Half-Blooded is a Harry Potter inspired Fiction, all about Patricia Hayes and the Wizarding World, specifically, on Alandrea;a secret place on Paris, especially, it is well hidden for Muggles. She lost her parents when she was only a babe. She've been enrolled to Clairemont School of Wizards by her Grandfather. Patricia assumed she was an ordinary wizard. A less powerful wizard since her two best friends, Peteriona and Pariana were a beasty golden one and she was not. It was a call that change Patricia's routine and then an adventure have started with her chosen partner to defeat the Dark Magi of all time; Lord Magus. Be with Patricia, Peteriona, Pariana and their squad as they attend classes and experienced the life in Clairemont. [Wizarding World Series: Trilogy] •The Half-Blooded SOON-- SOON--


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