43 Taking An Hostage


Alec swiftly ducked as his danger senses tingled; he glanced at the spot he had been standing just moments ago, witnessing a fierce clash between a Massive Tiger demonic beast and Titan.

"Oh, so you managed to escape that, huh? No problem, let's see if you can dodge the next attack," the man who arrived with the two Tier 6 mages taunted, summoning another intimidating beast.

It was a Sea Crab Demonic beast that seemed fast on its feet.

"Be careful, he's a beast tamer," Arthur warned, realizing that this was their attempt at Alec's life by making a distraction to allow the Beast Tamer to take care of Alec.

"Don't worry, he's only a Tier 2 Mage, which means he can only control two demonic beasts," Alec replied nonchalantly.

"Don't worry your Head; that's a white stripe Demonic Tiger, a Tier 2 demonic beast," Arthur turned to face Alec, complaining at the top of his voice, only to fall silent at what he saw.


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