The Gods' DecreeThe Gods' Decree

The Gods' Decree

by Lord_of_sleep

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"Call me God and I will treat you as a benevolent servant worthy of blessings. Say I am the Devil and I will drench your world in blood and despair." These were the words spoken by Sir Mouse as a thousand enemies surrounded him. From his youth he could only look up to the heavens, but just as all his enemies before, It is now under his feet quivering. If so be the case, why would he care what The Gods' Decree? Gods or Devils it matters not. As they too will have to call him by the only name they dare to utter, Sir Mouse. His path is to be one that is unhindered by any shackles and he intend to keep it that way. Will you join him on this journey to becoming the existence who is forbidden? Support on Patreon patreon.com/Lordofsleep

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