The Goddess Needs A Break! [Contest]
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The Goddess Needs A Break! [Contest]


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What is The Goddess Needs A Break! [Contest]

Read The Goddess Needs A Break! [Contest] novel written by the author okvertigo on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Realistic Fiction stories, covering romance, beauty, anime, lightnovel, multipleleads. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


LONER MEETS GODDESS Takei Tanaka, an average high schooler, goes about his life in an uninterested manner until he stumbles upon a girl in need of help. That girl turned out to be Akari Akazawa, the number one beauty of his school. Due to some circumstances, they end up spending time with each other which results in their relationship blossoming into something new. A romantic comedy filled with 99% fluff and 1% seriousness is about to start! Written in the style of Japanese web novels. This is the original work of an amateur writer, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Illustration is not mine, author is unknown.


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its pretty good romance story with good character design but feels relationship is too rushed also no background information on the world but its a pretty good novel BUT PLEASE FIX THE DAMN CHAPTERS IT HAS FONTS AND EVERYTHING AS TEXT


Typical Japanese rom-com, but hey, that doesn't matter because the story is still good. Especially loving the affection meter. Though I would've preferred if the romance took a bit more time as FMC falls for protag in like 27 chapters. Regardless, as you first reviewer I say good job! I've already put this in my collection and am only waiting for author to constantly update his/her story. Negative - Though the story is good its not perfect. Everytime I read a new chapter I do have a serious internal struggle as I need to ask doctor to prescribe an extra dose of insulin to combat the amount of sugar the novel provides with. My dude tone it down a bit, as I really can't handle this much sugar [img=faceslap]


There is too much sweetness and this sweetness is killing the single dog in me I would prefer to use some medicine of diabities to combat the danger of the life of my single dog 😶


This novel is so sinful! I got a disease because of reading this! Critical condition of hyper diabetes! Author-san should compensate me for my hospital bills!😡😜🤣


Maybe I should read some serious plot novels to balance the sweetness from this one?🤔. ................... ...............................


I really enjoyed this novel so far. Character and plot development is simple yet good. Character interactions are pretty cute and fluffy. My favorite part is how kind the MC's family is to him.


Please don't let it be another girl if he has a childhood friend. Or vice versa. All I want is sweet and romantic comedy that can put me in a diabetic coma. Love rivals, past traumas and self-deprecating attitudes only make me angry. If anyone has a novel proposal similar to the one I said, please write it down.


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