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The Goblin's Feast


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Read The Goblin's Feast novel written by the author kuhaku_sora on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, comedy, system, fantasy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


“Goblin or not, we all deserve to live in this world” The world is full of wonders, terrors, monsters, and demons, and Blake Heathens must find a way to survive. The slightest mistake will kill him and everything he loves. But having to learn the mysterious Tear of Life, his goal went astray. “I shall revive my family,” He said and at once set off a quest to find this immortal treasure. However, what lies beyond was something he had never expected. The Twelve Kingdoms of Demancian shares the same goal; and what happens next is for you to find out... -The book cover belongs to FJFT-Art https://www.deviantart.com/fjft-art/art/Goblin-archer-551201383

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This story is worth 5 star in every rating but you authors who write great stories, can you please just stop for one minute and think that you are relating things to divinity in your novels. Describing God as a being that can be killed. A being like an ordinary human who is greedy, evil, cruel, hungry for power, have animalistic desires like ***, can be fooled, can be injured, can be killed. This is total "Blasphemy". I know that you write these beings described as gods to show that they are strong and mighty but that too is blasphemy brother. Can't you use other words. Fear the true God brother whenever you think of relating something to divinity.


I know that some of you might say that "The Goblin's Feast" has a lot of erors and such. You are correct, since this is my second novel. I am still learning as an author, so please bare with me ;-;. I have written another novel with the title "NPC Code: Red Riding Hood" If you want awesome isekai genre like "The Goblin's Feast" Then give Code Red a try. Thank you, everyone, for reading my book~ It means a lot for me to see your comments and reviews. Sorry if I have not given you a reply :( but I do read all of them~[img=recommend]


I will not abandon this book. I will still update during weekends (hopefully) and finish the entire journey of Lake White/Blake Heathens. The story has 10-20 chapters remaining for me to finish the book. It has been a fun ride, everyone, and I hope you're having a blast looking at Lake's journey!


Great way of opening. It has few chapters but I can imagine the potential of the story. I was completely immersed with the flow of the story. Too bad the story is just born. Looking forward author san.


Might be a bit too early for a detailed review buh meh XD. I can do that later on! Right now, all I wanna say is I l o v e every piece of this novel. Never read any goblin-related book so this is my first ^^ Narration is great and the grammar is spot on. Keep it up author! You're doing good!


Am a sucker for reincarnation plot!!! And this one takes the Cake. You can feel the emotion through the writer's choice of words. It's definitely a keeper! The paragraph spacing is well done,and the character design is well developed. I recommend this book to all webnovel readers. The synopsis alone will get you hooked


There is a story here, its just hard to find it. The writing is erratic, there are absolutely no transitions from one scene to another and some details of the world are very counterintuitive. If each chapter of this novel was turned into two and the pace was slowed down this could be quite something. Since the Author seems to be active, please do tell if you want me to elaborate on something.


I just finished chap 2 and that's more than enough for me to give it a 5 star. where do you want me to start the description 10/10. the contents 10/10. the character development 20/20. the hatred for the goblin who aborted the baby while it was alive 10/10. my hatred for the dude with gun tryna r8pe that woman 200/10. the parents being burnt alive burnt chicken/10 oops I mean 10/10 . Just give the novel a read. chap 2 is more than enough to drag you by the foot. 😊👍 ~Pretty pwease~ 🥺👉👈 (ㆁωㆁ)🌼


Shameless author here! I just want to say that this is as nearly perfect as I can go in writing stories. I'm a hugeee isekai fan, and I want to add more science to the different world that BLAKE will live in. Anyway, feel free to read my book, and I hope you have a fun day!


Wow! This is the first book I've read that is a reincarnated not a human but a goblin who will be the hero of the village. I'm looking forward to knowing more about this book. Highly recommended this book to my friends to read this. Good job author keep it up the good work!


I like the premise for this book. Heroic MC gets transmigrated into another race, with game like elements. Right up my alley. For me, the issue is word choice. It seems it was written in another language and translated, or the author is having a joke with us readers. The negatives do not erase the positives. With the help of a good editor this will be great. Very imaginative.


I read the first ten chapters and stopped.My thoughts: has potential and is interesting but the beginning events feel like they jump around to much. it was somewhat difficult to keep track of what was happening due to the sudden scene shifts.


This is unlike any reincarnation novels that I read; reincarnated as a goblin. The plot is very creative, and I can't wait to see this novel reaching greater heights. The first few chapters are wonderful! It is easy to read, and it catches anyone's attention. I honestly can't say anything bad about it. Good job to the author, and all the best to the future of this book!


Reveal spoiler


Shameless review again (i'm the author but using a different account just to accumulate more reviews XD Don't judge me.... *cries* I invite you all to read my novel and I hope you enjoy your time~


This is a whole new story! Yes it's reincarnation but we also read the usual reincarnation into some human with cheat abilities but this one reincarnated as a goblin! PLEASE update some more! 😊😊😊 I want to read some more of this! I had this on my lib 😊😊


"Whoah" Is my first reaction after reading the first few sentence. The writing quality is really good. I am looking forward to the adventure and how MC will become powerful in the new world at the future chapters. It also piqued my interest on the part where the old man told him that he can still see them someday.


I JUST AM IN LOVE WITH THE WORDPLAY. HOW DID YOU MANAGE? Ngl, I feel like this is similar to the lord of the rings (in a way ofc.) and I love this book! I think all the Lord Of The Rings fans will skim through the pages thoroughly and live it! I recommend this book to you if you love the "fantasy" Genre. Great Job by the author, Kudos to you for leaving us a masterpiece.


Just read the first chapter.. It’s fun to read.. But I think you use too many low frequency vocabularies, make it hard for the non-english-speaking readers like me to read comfortably.. I keep checking the google translate😂 but good for me, I can learn more.. thanks to you kuya😁 And I think you need to be more consistent in using indirect speech.. you keep mixing past and present in your indirect speech.. Best of luck, author👌🏻


The switching of perspectives written from first person for Alk and Lake creates a feeling a dissonance in the writing and detracts from the immersion. I find myself consistently wanting to skip all of Alk's chapter's because it feels a less interesting story that is delaying the development of the plot. Sure Alk's part seems to be world building and introducing new characters but he feels hollow as a character and not much is known about his intentions. I can't feel any excitement for it because I'm imagining a cardboard cutout of a goblin that can't think for himself. Did not feel like it would be the kind of novel to use switching perspectives and doesn't seem to benefit from it. I really enjoyed the earlier chapters before Alk's inclusion but I do not feel excited for the after 60ish chapters seeing the frequent swapping of perspectives.


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