22 Becoming Law-abiding through Reason

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It was very windy on the rooftop. The sky was cloudy, and there was no sun.

At this moment, six boys with smug faces holding metal pipes surrounded Xiao Luo.

"I still want to say something -- since you're students, act like students. Don't learn from the gangsters in society and act as they do. We're a society now ruled by law. Your behavior is challenging the law," Xiao Luo patiently advised.

It was only a game; he didn't want to take action to teach these guys a lesson.

"Are you f*cking trying to make me laugh myself to death? We're already at this point, and you're talking to us about the law? What a fool!" The boy with a face full of acne laughed.

The others laughed along with him, looking contemptuously at Xiao Luo the way they looked at lunatics and idiots.

Xiao Luo lowered his head and said helplessly, "There's another way."

The facial expression of the boy with acne quickly changed. He shouted in a low and heavy voice, "Of course there's no other way. Go! Beat the sh*t out of him!"

The other five yelled with deep voices and pounced on him.

Seeing them rush toward him, the expression on Xiao Luo's face slowly congealed. When the boy who was speeding at the forefront flung his metal pipe at him, Xiao Luo's body instinctively stepped back to avoid it. He calmly avoided two other metal pipes that were brandished at him in succession. He dodged nearly every attack by dint of a subtle but effective move.

The five guys rushing toward him were more than a little astonished; they never expected Xiao Luo to be so agile.

After fending off their attacks, Xiao Luo retaliated. In his eyes, the actions of any one of these boys were prolonged so slowly that he could see their blue veins and soft hair fluttering on the back of their hands.


His arms were like two attacking poisonous snakes, moving at breakneck speed. He grabbed two of the guys by the wrist and sent them flying.

The two felt as if the pipes in their hands were caught in a speeding truck that was towing their bodies. They fell head first onto the ground, knocking out their front teeth. Blood splashed everywhere. Blood-curdling screams soon followed.

A boy happened to be holding a metal pipe high above his head at this moment and was about to smash Xiao Luo's head in, but he realized he could not swing the pipe down. It seemed to be stuck. Looking up, he saw a big hand holding the metal pipe like a steel clamp. That hand belonged to Xiao Luo.

No matter how hard the boy tried, the metal pipe did not budge.

"Let... Let go!" The boy cried in horror.

Xiao Luo snorted and eased up a little. Then he quickly snatched his opponent's metal pipe. Stepping forward, he positioned his body as he rammed his shoulder into the guy's chest.


The guy felt as if a wild bull had hit him. His internal organs trembled violently at this very moment. His body lost control as it was thrown back. He fell with a crash onto solid ground three or four meters away, involuntarily letting out a miserable howl.

Seeing that three of his guys had collapsed in an instant, the eyelids of the acne-riddled boy twitched frantically. Another two of his people stood rooted to the spot, terrified. It was impossible to say that they felt no fear; they never expected that Xiao Luo could be so violent.

Sighing, Xiao Luo said calmly, "I was trying to reason with you all, but you got violent with meYou are pullingng out some metal pipes to frighten people, trying to show me how you're ruthless badasses. Who doesn't know how to do that? If you want to play, we should have some real fun!"

He grinned cruelly, speaking in a resounding and powerful voice.

If Xiao Luo was a smiling angel just now, he was currently an evil, bloodthirsty demon. The three guys, including the one with acne, were so scared they took a few steps back. Their hearts beat wildly, and their breathing became fast and short. They were so nervous they broke out in a cold sweat.

"Chen Jie, go, beat..... beat him up!"

The acne riddled boy shouted in a quavering voice at the handsome boy beside him.

How would Chen Jie dare to do that? He pushed forward another guy who was next to him. "Xie Bin, you go!"

Someone pushed him forward. He instinctively wanted to retreat but felt that would be too cowardly. At last, he gritted his teeth, bellowed, and braced himself as he rushed toward Xiao Luo.

Before his metal pipe met Xiao Luo's body, the metal pipe in Xiao Luo's hand was already on its way toward his neck. He administered such a fierce and severe blow to his neck.


This guy felt as if his neck had shifted. He staggered a few steps back and collapsed on the ground. His body spasmed uncontrollably.

He was cruel and ferocious, leaving them no leeway!

Xiao Luo was expressionless; his eyes were as cold and distant.


The acne-riddled boy and Chen Jie couldn't help but swallow their saliva with great difficulty. They broke out in a cold sweat and stared at him in shock and horror.

At first, they were scared. Now they were petrified. Their adversary was almost non-human. Though the six of them were athletes, they were no match for him.

Xiao Luo took a step toward them.

The two were so scared they didn't even hold onto the metal pipes, which fell to the ground with a clang.

"Why, are you scared now?"

Xiao Luo drew closer to them, step by step, with a mocking smile on his face.

"Don't... Don't you come over. Hitting someone with a metal pipe is illegal. Aren't you afraid the police will arrest you?" The boy with acne said in a trembling voice.

Xiao Luo narrowed his eyes and sneered, "Now you're telling me that it's illegal? What were you doing earlier? If you reason with me, I'll reason with you too. If you want to play at who's the more ruthless one, I'll use ruthless methods like payback. There we'll be even."

After hearing this, the two wanted to cry. They were majors of Community Sports. They had a very high opinion of themselves in school and acted like they owned the campus. But they never expected that they would meet their match. No, he was not their match; he was a demon!

"We apologize, you.... don't mess around!" Chen Jie cried out in alarm.


Xiao Luo shook his head and sneered cooly, "It's too late!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the metal pipe in his hand flew toward the two boys without mercy. They both screamed as if they were pigs to the slaughter.

In the dorm room, Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai went through a painful mental struggle. In the end, they finally conquered their fear.

"This disaster was caused by me. I can't let Brother Luo get beaten up. I'll go up and fight them with all I have," Zhu Xiaofei gritted his teeth and yelled angrily. He lifted the stool and rushed to the rooftop.

"Brother Luo, you just hold on, I'm here!"

Ding Kai was timid, he stood in front of the large mirror and slapped himself a few times. He pretendedothers delivered the slapss, and this bolstered his courage with the help of this rage. Picking up the mop in the bathroom, he too, rushed to the rooftop, shouting and screaming all the way.

Both of them were dumbfounded when they rushed to the rooftop.

Xiao Luo stood in the center like a pencil-straight pine tree, the six people who had come had come to make trouble were all lying on the ground, wailing in pain and misery. The metal pipes were scattered all over the ground in a disorderly manner.

What was going on?

This couldn't be the result of Xiao Luo's actions.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai could hardly believe their eyes.

"Why did you come up here?" Xiao Luo threw the metal pipe onto the ground and walked toward them.

Zhu Xiaofei subconsciously hoisted the stool. "We're here to help you!"

Ding Kai nodded in agreement, like a chicken pecking at grains on the ground.

"That's not necessary. I reasoned with them, and they all became law-abiding!"

Xiao Luo turned around and scanned the six people, his face was bright and cheerful with a benign smile, but in the eyes of the six boys, it was no different from the devil's grin. They immediately lowered their heads after meeting Xiao Luo's eyes. They did not dare to look at him in the slightest.

They would never forget the fear of being subdued by this guy just now!

And how could Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai believe that Xiao Luo had "reasoned" with them? How did talking reason result in broken bodies?

"One against six? Oh my god. Is Brother Luo the reincarnation of Yip Man?" Zhu Xiaofei muttered to himself, in total shock.

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