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The Fourth Life of the Black Sovereign


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What is The Fourth Life of the Black Sovereign

Read The Fourth Life of the Black Sovereign novel written by the author Bai_Wu_Yue on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, magic, survival. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Euka has lived three lifetimes. After the death of her third one, she never thought she get to live a fourth lifetime on a parallel world of her first lifetime! Leaving her old family and living her new life as Li Xueyue, she decided to live her life differently and maybe finally achieve a peaceful life and a happy ending. But not everything goes into plan, especially when allies and enemies alike from her previous lifetimes suddenly show up in her current life. She has no other choice but to fight to protect those around her. It definitely did not help when the apocalypse suddenly came. Some animals and humans mutated to become monsters, and rifts appeared all over the world where monsters from a ruined world come pouring out. There were a few lucky ones who awakened with powers to fight and survive. Xueyue and her friends strive to survive, uncover the reason of the world's change, and maybe, Xueyue can finally get her vengeance on those that wronged her in the past. Will they succeed? *** A/N: Updates are once a week (every Saturdays at 00:00 GMT+8) until further notice. *wink* I'm prioritizing my WSA entry but that may actually change in the future. This is an original fiction story. Although a few elements may seem familiar, it is still a fact that the events in this story came from the author's imagination. Also, I welcome honest and helpful reviews. P.S. Cover is made from Canva. Xoxo, Bai_Wu_Yue


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This work is a good masterpiece, guys! My, my! It's a very very good novel because of its uniqueness. The author have worked on it beautifully. Now if we could have a good release, it will sure be a hit! I strongly recommend you to read this, especially if you're a little bit obsessed in apocalypse genre like me. You wouldn't want to miss it! I promise! Though you would feel a melancholy in the first chapters, it would only pass by once the apocalypse come, don't worry! Read it, okay!


The Fourth Life of the Black Sovereign is a deluxe drink that should be taken by viewers out there. Cause this novel tasted like a wine that was refined four times, making it more delicious. Coupled with the Villain Protagonist, the story will surely bring satisfaction and refreshment for the readers.


I love how it is well-written! 🌹The way the author tells the story is really easy for the readers to understand 🌼 I specifically love the drama especially in the lead character's introduction 🌷 I also like the plot 🍀 Keep posting more chapters, the book has a good potential 💐


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