1115 Three Families Joining Hands

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Meanwhile, in the Steeles' manor…

Greg, the helmsman of the Steeles, was lying on a lounge chair in the courtyard of his villa, listening to music and basking in the sun with his eyes closed.

This was a habit he had developed a long time ago. The colder it was, the more he liked basking in the sun.

He was very troubled by the recent incidents that had happened to his family, and he would feel a little relaxed only when he was basking in the sun in his courtyard.

But suddenly, his butler rushed in from outside and reported anxiously, "Mr. Steele! Michael Hutton suddenly barged in with a group of people and claimed that we bullied his son. He wants an explanation from us!"

"The Huttons?" Greg sat up with displeasure and frowned. "Since when did the Steeles bully Michael Hutton's son? Did someone in the family do something to Jace Hutton?"


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