1090 Not Allowed To Leave

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Enduring the gazes on him and the remarks about him, Trevor crawled to the entrance of the fighting hall, dashed to the elevator door, and immediately left without turning back.

Everything here was like a nightmare that he never wanted to recall again!

Seeing that Trevor had left, Alexander looked at Lucas worriedly. "Mr. Gray, after I return to the family, I will try my best to stop them from becoming your enemy. But if there really is such a day, I hope you can spare the Steeles, alright?"

He looked at Lucas pleadingly.

Lucas glanced at Alexander in surprise. The fact that he could say this meant that, in his opinion, Lucas was far stronger than the entire Steele family. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked Lucas to spare the Steeles.

Alexander could be considered a talent who was loyal, smart, and had good business acumen. It was a blessing for the Steeles to have someone like him in the family.


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