92 William’s Decision

(William's POV)

The grand ball room inside the palace is all lit up tonight. The big hall is adorned but beautiful flowers. Tables and chairs are lined up at the side, with beautiful linens and tableware. The decorations tonight is so splendid and grand.

The hall is now full of noble people, all dressed up for the occasion. That is right, tonight is the engagement party of the beautiful third princess Alicia of Alvannia, and the crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest.

My heart ache remembering what the occasion is tonight. The love of my life, Alicia, has been taken away from me by the crown prince of Grandcrest.

Looking around the festivities, all people are lively smiling and chatting. All are in praise of this union.

Alicia was selected to become crown princess and the future queen of Grandcrest. This is a great blessing for our country, Alvannia. This union will benefit us greatly.


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