113 What the Future Holds (1)

Cecilia's mother led us to a tent not too far from where the fountain was. The tent has a dark violet color and it was normal in size.

"Right this way." Cecilia's mother said. "By the way, my name is Anna Marie. You can call me Anna." She said with a solemn smile.

"Hi Anna, my name is Lili." I gave the nick name Regaleon gave me. "This here is Will." I gestured to William and he nodded as acknowledgment.

Anna opened the way inside the tent. Inside was a normal sized interior, illuminated by candles that gives a mystic vibe. At the center of the interior, there was a round table. On top of it was a purple crystal stone, as big as a normal sized flower vase.

"Please, take a seat." Anna gestured towards the two chairs in front. "Please forgive the mess, I was just starting to set up."

Anna put away some stuff and tidied up quickly. William and I took our seats while Anna took the seat opposite us.


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