103 The Aphrodisiac’s Effects (2)

WARNING: Strictly for 18 years old and above because of adult and sexual content. If you are below 18, please skip this chapter.

"My beautiful Lili." Regaleon said with such sweetness. He lifted me up and laid me in the couch gently.

After I was laid down the couch, I see Regaleon taking off his cloak and vest. He slowly undo the buttons of his white long sleeves under shirt.

Once the buttons were undone, I saw his broad chest. I unconciously lift my hands and feel his wide chest. His skin was hot, ‘It was the effects of the aphrodisiac' I thought.

While exploring his broad chest, I felt some rough and uneven sides on his skin. Upon looking there were visible scars in his fair skin.

"Don't look at it." Regaleon said sadly. "It's ugly."

I look at his face that gave a sad smile to me. My heart ached just imagining how he got these scars.


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