95 First Dance as a Couple

After the announcement, Regaleon led me down the stairs and towards the dance floor.

It was a custom that after the announcement of the engagement, the newly engaged couple will have their first dance.

Regaleon and I are walking side by side. My arms are hooked in his. The crowd gave way to us.

When we reached the center of the dance floor, Regaleon carefully placed me in front of him. He bowed down gracefully.

"May I have this dance?" Regaleon said while extending his hand.

"Certainly, your highness." I gave my curtsy, remembering to be elegant.

Regaleon encircled his left hand on my waist and his other hand wrapped mine. I elegantly put my other hand in his shoulder.

By the time we were at the dancing posture, my eyes swept around us. The guests have made a circle, with us in the center. Their eyes are all on us. I tensed up once I felt their presence.

Regaleon must have felt me tense up in his arms.

"Look at me." Regaleon said. So I looked at him.


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