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The Fallen One


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Once upon a time, humanity only fought wars against themselves. Fighting for resources and the rights for their people, humanity brought destruction to the world around them. Everything was for the sake of profit. Killing and pillaging were normal and hidden from the mass. But things had changed over the past few years. Humans who gained different abilities started to show themselves from different parts of the world without any scientific explanation. Worried by the sudden changes, the governments and the powerful secret organizations around the world started to gather and control the people who have stranger powers to maintain the status quo. Another year had passed since the dawn of the new beginning. One day when everything was starting to settle down, the skies of the world started to form fractures. The governments and secret organizations sent their own elite soldiers to scout -- but no one returned. Everyone from World Government to the secret organizations had their own meetings and agendas. "We all have to come to an agreement to send the strongest people we have. We need to treat this matter with utmost importance. Or we will suffer the consequences." Far from the sources of conflicts and politics. A figure could be seen resting underneath a sakura tree. It was a young man, who was making fun of the twins who were sleeping soundly on his lap. "Wake up sleepyheads. It's time to wake up, and I still need to prepare our dinner." He nudged them but they just simple slapped his hand away. They simultaneously said, "Just one more minute, Atlee~" He said with a laugh, "Atlas, not Atlee... Well nevermind..." Looking at his little angels sleeping, he eventually fell asleep as the gentle winds brushed past the trees making their leaves fall to the Earth.