The Extra Wants To Live

[WPC APRIL WINNER 2024] Lucas Voss was a normal adult in his late twenties. He doesn't know how or why but he got transmigrated as an extra inside of the novel he read till 5th volume. The problem for Lucas was that his life was in danger as soon as he entered the novel. Why? Because Lucas was transmigrated as the 4th Prince who is an extra and was about to die with an Illness that couldn't be cured. Not only that novel he transmigrated into was 'Cold-Blooded Emperor Rules.' The protagonist of that novel killed every member of the royal palace to become emperor of the empire. How will Lucas survive? Will he die like the extra that he is? or will he fight against fate to survive in this cold-blooded novel and become more than an extra? The only way to know is it read this novel! --- Support me one Pateron patreon.com/InkWaver_122

Ink_Weaver122 · Fantasy
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162 Chs

Frost Wind Corpse Flower [1]

Milton has just used a healing spell on me, and I'm having a hard time even breathing.

My whole body is on fire, and it feels like my brain is melting and flowing down my ears and nose.

Meanwhile, Carl burst into laughter.

It's so absurd and absurd that he can't help but laugh. To die in vain like this.

"… … ."

Milton stood a little away from the bed, looked at Carl quietly, and then closed his eyes.

He felt terrible. He worked so hard with his dying body, but ended up being so miserable and meaningless.?

chuck! chuck! chuck! chuck!


At that time, heavy footsteps are heard, and the door opens violently as if a bison had hit it.

"Okay, it's not too late."

Carl thought that the smiling, sun-like voice was an auditory hallucination.


There is a sound of something heavy falling.

Carl, who already felt as if his whole body was burning from the scorching heat, felt even more distressed as the air in the room became hot.

But the excitement didn't last long.


The moment he heard the sound of something opening, a cold chill swept through the room as if a winter storm had arrived.

The moment Carl felt that chill, it felt as if s

he was seeing the other half of himself again.

And Carl, who had been unable to move even after receiving the healing magic, was able to get up from his seat while trembling.

"You endured it well."

Carl made eye contact with Nero, who had a shabby appearance, wearing fur clothes stained with dust and stains, and carrying a long, thick spear on his back.

"Thanks to you, I had fun too. It was a bit difficult, but it was quite enjoyable."

Nero kicked the burning red box with his feet wearing thick fur leather boots and pushed it to the front of the bed.

"Here, This is the Frost Wind Corpse Flower, Don't forget that I saved you."

And then, Nero turned around and walked out, cooler than the chill emitted by the frosty wind corpse flower that killed the great hero of legend.

Carl realized that Nero was not simply acting out of promise or for his brother's life, but was looking for an excuse to go on an adventure.

Of course, that doesn't really matter.

Nero kept his promise. In front of him lies a large and beautiful legendary flower.

Even Nero, who lots of mana, did not dare to touch it, so the Frostwind Corpse Flower, which he managed to bring in a magically burning box, looked like transparent ice.

The moisture on the surface freezes white due to the extreme cold, and the frost sublimates in an instant and becomes transparent again.

It looks as if it shines with moving light.

Carl raised his hand to stop Lilly, who was approaching to help him.

If Lilly even touches the flower, she will turn to ice and die.

Carl slowly stretched out his hand and held the flower.

The skin freezes due to the extreme cold, but it melts again due to the heat exploding deep within the body.

The delicate skin freezes and thaws and falls off, and the fingernails are pulled out and fall to the floor and shatter into pieces.


Lilly, shocked by that sight, can be heard screaming.

Without hesitation, Carl put the frost fairy flower in his mouth, chewed it, and swallowed it.

I'm not dying.

I will survive.

By any means necessary.

There was a tremendous shock, as if every cell in his body had exploded, and Carl lost consciousness.

Meanwhile, Carl felt a primal desire so intense that he could not do anything about it, filling his heart and overflowing, hitting him hard.


Carl realized that he was continuing to think even while he was asleep.

His heart is pounding. Instead of panting in pain as before, he is vigorously making his presence known as if to prove his life.

Carl contemplated his body and thought that he could die like this.

The scorching heat of hell is burning his whole body, but at the same time, a cold so cold that he can't even move makes his body freeze.

Carl's weak body, whose health deteriorated instead of gaining muscle as he went back and forth between the room and the library, could not withstand the torrent of that enormous power.

Everything is falling apart quickly and helplessly.

Even so, the heart was still singing about life. He is innocently stomping around alone, as if he doesn't know anything, like a child without any sense.

Carl realized that he was at a crossroads of choice.

In the story, the character who had the same disease as Carl was in relatively good health. Even though it was the same disease, there was a clear difference in the condition.

Without treatment, Carl would have died less than a month after birth, but the person who was saved by Adrian and pledged loyalty to him lived until the age of 10 without treatment, and although his disease worsened after that, he survived for over 20 years with just a little treatment. He was able to survive.

And as a result of working harder to stay healthy as much as he was sick, he was able to shake himself off right away and spread his wings after eating the frost wind corpse flower.

On the other hand, Karl's condition was so severe that he was barely surviving with a body weaker than that of a seven-year-old child.

He didn't even have the stamina to withstand this torrent of power.

Heat and cold are mixing together and collapsing Carl's body.

And Carl was confident that if he wanted to, even if it was difficult, he could throw it out of his body.

Now Carl must choose.

Is he going to throw this torrent of power out of his body to survive right now?

Or risk his life to embrace it and make it his.