10 Martial Technique Thief

"Why are you here?" Xue Ji hissed with bulging eyes. Despite feeling dizzy and nauseous she didn't want to be in Bai Xiu's arms. She quickly pushed the man away from her.

"We'll talk about this later, Girl. First, think about how you're going to deal with that old man," Bai Xiu casually replied.

Xue Ji snorted. The man's arrival might not have pleased her much, but it still calmed her down a bit. That meant she didn't need to use soul power anymore. Previously she did want to use that power to break out of the whirlwind. However, now that Bai Xiu had helped her, she didn't need to take that risk.

"Tch! No need to remind me. I know what I have to do," Xue Ji said coldly.

She thought since this was the Feng Lian sect that she wouldn't have to cause trouble for them. However, why should she think about the rancid brat? If those elders were so foolish as to cause trouble with her, then she would help that brat, Feng Lian, to discipline them.

Thinking of that made Xue Ji snort. She looked at Elder Wang and asked, "What is your name? How can that brat Feng Lian have a junior like you?" She shook her head in surprise. "I see you're not too old. But how come your appearance can rival the appearance of a hundred-year-old ancestor? I think you took the wrong path of cultivation."

Hearing Xue Ji's words made Elder Wang furious to the point of wanting to vomit blood. During this time he had never met a crazy girl like Xue Ji. That girl was even so young, how could she say things like she was so old?

"You… you seek death!"

He was about to attack again, but Xue Ji immediately raised a hand to stop him.

"There's no need to rush. I'm just an ordinary weak girl, you can kill me with just one hit. However… do you not feel that there is something strange about your body?"

Elder Wang frowned uncomprehendingly. "What do you mean?"

"Xue Ji, don't deceive anyone here! Do you think we are that stupid?!" shouted Ye Xianling who was always wary of Xue Ji's foul tricks. "Didn't you previously say I could punish you however I wanted? Then, what is this? Why are you making trouble and fuss?!"

Xue Ji didn't respond to anything. She ignored Ye Xianling, pretending as if she didn't hear anything. Then she asked Elder Wang, "Was the previous whirlwind part of the Eight Winds Harmony martial technique?"

The question immediately took Elder Wang by surprise. The Eight Winds Harmony is a secret martial technique that belongs to the Luo Mountain Sword Sect. The power that the technique produced was truly terrifying, it was incredibly powerful. Thus how to practice it is also very difficult and has a high risk.

Because it was too difficult and too risky, the sect had strict rules regarding the practice of the Eight Winds Harmony. Only people who meet certain qualifications are allowed to practice the technique.

As a very ordinary elder, Elder Wang did not have permission to learn the technique. However, he is a greedy person. He had used various means to obtain a copy of the Eight Winds Harmony technique manual.

Even so, after putting in various efforts and methods, he was only able to obtain a quarter of the manual. Finally, in desperation, he could only study the incomplete copy and refine it with his understanding. In this way, a new martial technique was created which was adapted from pieces of the Eight Winds Harmony.

Elder Wang had always been proud of that achievement. Some people even flatter him without knowing that it is a dishonest act. Stealing a sect's secret technique was certainly not a commendable act.

Many years had passed and no one knew that the whirlwind was part of the Eight Winds Harmony. Then how did the girl find out? How could that girl know something that even the sect master didn't know?

Thinking of that made Elder Wang feel a little scared. He stared intently at Xue Ji and hissed coldly. "What do you know?! This was the Thousand Wind Soaring martial technique. Don't speak carelessly that will misunderstand others!"

Xue Ji raised the corners of her eyebrows. "Thousand Wind Soaring technique?" She suddenly laughed. "Who are you tricking? You think I can't tell which are real techniques and which are just adaptations?"

After all, Xue Ji had lived for a long time. She knew a lot about martial techniques. And most importantly she is the creator of the Eight Winds Harmony. She was also the one who had taught Feng Lian the technique. Of course, she knows the intricacies, disadvantages, and also advantages.

At first, she didn't pay much attention to the whirlwind. However, after she was injured by the vortex, she began to feel familiar. Then, she pondered over it until finally a conclusion could be drawn.

"How can an outsider like you carelessly mention the Eight Winds Harmony? Xue Ji, you have gone too far!" growled Ye Xianling who was standing by Elder Wang's side. The longer the white-haired girl became more and more arbitrary. She hated Xue Ji even more.

"I may be going too far, but at least I have never committed theft of a martial technique," ​​Xue Ji replied directly sarcastically at Elder Wang. She smiled happily, really enjoying the fear that was starting to appear on the old man's face.

Elder Wang felt that the situation was not so good. He immediately spoke to Ye Xianling. "Go in and tell Elder Yan that our sect has two special guests! Let these two suffer the consequences for their arbitrary behavior within the Luo Mountain Sword Sect!"

Ye Xianling nodded firmly. "Alright, Elder Wang." She cast a cold glare at Xue Ji before finally stepping away to carry out Elder Wang's orders.

After Ye Xianling left, Xue Ji laughed lightly. "Old Man, why did you have to call for help? Are you afraid that you won't be able to kick me out with just yourself?"

"Shut up you damn girl! I could repel or even kill you easily, but—"

"But what?" cut Xue Ji lazily. "So it's true that you stole the martial technique? A high-level martial technique like the Eight Winds Harmony should not be casually accessed by an elder. Is not it?"

Elder Wang's gaze became even sharper. His hands were tightly clenched. "Stop your bullshit! Why would I commit theft? Even though I'm not the greatest elder, it's not impossible for me to be able to create my own martial arts technique!"

Xue Ji chuckled casually. "Alright, let's just say it's true, then do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of your artificial technique? Old Man, if you don't stop this soon, I believe you will die soon."


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