1 Chapter 1 Kriegan has commissioned this story for several chapters

"Well at least when I died, I died hilariously enough to get Isekaied into a new life... But why am I a fucking kid!" I roared into the night sky and in response I felt something crack inside my head.

I died in the most unmistakably the most stupid manner of all men could ever die. I found out my girlfriend was pregnant while we went camping and as I went to sit down to get my breath on a park bench as I felt faint. I accidently sat on of all damned things a bear trap that blended into the dull wood with its rusty metal... Did I die of blood loss from the bear trap seemingly biting my ass in half? No, I fucking died because my latest Tetanus shot apparently wasn't up to fucking date!

As my rage climbed at how I died I felt a pain both in my head and almost in my very soul and I groaned as I held my head worrying if I was fucking going to die because of an aneurism and whether I could make a formal complaint to whoever decided to reincarnate me with such a shitty body. But then through my cloud of rage I heard a voice break through the agony I felt.

"You bear a rage at the same level as I had in my earlier life... Bear my strength with honor and have my name remembered for more of my strength as the greatest demigod to ascend to godhood." I heard the ultra-masculine voice speak within my head and as the name Herakles filled my very soul, I felt my body thicken with strength filled corded muscles as well as growing a few inches, so I no longer looked like a scrawny ten-year-old and instead looked like a well-built teenager that eats linemen for breakfast.

"Herakles." I muttered and the sound of the Greek God of Strength's name echoed and reverberated in the forest I was surrounded by as well as stirred the power within me that I could feel coursing through my veins.

Where even was I? I wondered as I calmed down and tried to assess wherever the hell I was. But all I could see was the seemingly endless forest surrounding me, so I sighed and looked up to the large moon above my head.

"Well let's just get walking." I muttered as I bent down and picked up a large stick in case I ran into any wolves. But as I grabbed the large stick, I realized something... "Why the hell doesn't this weigh anything?" I asked aloud as I waved the three meter or so long solid branch like it weighed nothing but the sound of the air whistling and screeching as the wooden blade pushed past it made it clear that this branch had a great deal of mass behind it.

"Maybe I inherited Herakles's Might, like Shazam inherited the Greek gods power?" I wondered before I cleared my thoughts and began walking as close to as a straight line I could. I had nothing but a pair of jeans and a T-Shirt that had busted into threads after my muscular transformation.

A couple minutes later I blinked in surprise as I found an actual town or village of some kind though clearly of a more European style as through the cover of tree's an orange light pierced through allowing me to see some kind of fire or something in the distance the lit of the towns square.

I quickly ran over not even attempting to hide my approach as I shouted out. "Hello is anyone there?" I asked loudly and even as I ran super humanly fast towards the fire, I could hear through my enhanced senses the droning noise of a couple dozen people's talking get cut off.

"Hello is there!- " I called out excitedly as I jogged into the town square but then I froze at the horrid sight within the square. In the center of the square was a dozen men armed with swords and other melee weapons, clothed in dark colors. But what was around them made almost puke. Hoisted atop one of the nearby buildings were clearly medieval male peasants that were hung to suffocate to death and on the ground where the caravans then men were leading butchered horses that were being cooked in the fire.

But what made me feel truly sick was the women and children that were clearly killed after having been used by what was the bandits that had gotten up away from their feast of horse flesh to surround me.

"You are bandits, aren't you?" I spoke quietly feeling a hot rage fill me. And at the feeling, I felt my blood race as my body's density unbeknownst to me deepened as my skin darkened slightly into a bronze shade.

The lead bandit wielding a straight sword spat to the side as he hefted his sword and eyed me. "Aye, now you can die so we can check your pockets." He said bluntly before chopping down with the straight sword with both of his hands like he was aiming to split me in twain from head to groin.

But his swing was slow... It was like his sword swing was a terrible parody of slow motion as my senses were heightened to the point where it felt like the man was going to take a whole ten seconds to swing the sword down to collide with my head.

I still feeling the rage from the disgusting fate of what those people suffered swung that club I picked up like it was a baseball bat and, in the speed, and force of the blow. The ever so blunt club snapped the man's neck to the side so quickly that the man's skin on where the club connected tore leaving blood to gush out.

"He killed the boss!" One of the bandits yelled and then he charged me with a pitchfork, but I grabbed the spikes of the pitchfork stopping it instantly and then shoved it back as hard as I could, and I then heard the man's ribs loudly shatter as the long handle of the pitchfork went into the man's chest.

"I will keep this." I snarled as I took the pitchfork from the man and when the bandits came I used my heightened senses to step aside from their swords to ram the pitchfork into their chests and throat before moving onto the next bandit. "Don't run away you cowards!" I roared with the sound of my voice like a lion's roar shaking the air and the three bandits that were trying to escape while the last three were determined to go down fighting froze.

Feeling an instinct rising within myself I spun around like I was throwing a discus, I then let my club fly spinning sideways like a demented boomerang and with a morbid crunching noise the wooden club crashed into all three of the frozen bandits shattering their ribs and spines as I turned to finish off the last of the bandits with the three spikes of the pitchfork and the sharpened handle of it as the hand broke at the end when it clashed with one of the bandits swords that had some weird glow to it.

"Wait! I have money and know where the groups treasure is buried!" The last man begged but I numb with all the adrenaline flooding my body just threw the handle of the spear at the man while following my instincts and the improvised spear flew so fast through the man's chest that it completely exited out the back in an explosion of gore.

Wordlessly the man just sagged to the ground holding the fist sized hole in his chest with his sword slipping out of his hands in the motion.

I turned still numb to where the leader of the bandits was and after checking his body I found a couple keys, some coins of various metals and design and most importantly a map.

"Map of Midgard?" I whispered before I turned pale, and I began vomiting to the side of the dead bandit leaders head at the state of his body and the others with the adrenaline catching up to me.

"Fucking A..." I cursed as I took in the sight of the bodies so seeing as this was a bust in the simplest of terms, I looted what I could, being all their coins, the bandit leader's sword and a nice canteen so I could have some water to travel on the road that led out of this village.

But before I could leave all this carnage behind me I heard a rusting and groaning of metal coming from one of the overturned carts. "Ah hell that's creepy as hell." I muttered wondering if I should just hoof it the hell out of here before I took a deep breath and thought if anything was under the tarp that could get free or wanted to, During the battle was the best time for it.

So, I used the sword to throw back the large thick curtain and nearly screamed at the eldritch monstrosity of piled up and mutated flesh that stood before me.

"What the fuck!" I screamed and the monster recoiled at my scream but then I froze as I sort of recognized the monstrous blob of flesh and then combined with the map of Midgard that had a star labeled with the county's capital of Midgar I realized where I was as I stared upon the moon above me.

"Oh hell no... Give me DXD or even Worm but not this shithole of a world!" I cried out and deep within my soul I felt another power surge within me as I looked down at the lump of flesh in front of me in pity.

"Thou are at a crossroad. Do you save the lynchpin before you and take her under your creed and guidance. Or allow Fate to have her due and follow the script laid before all?" The voice whispered into my ear like a moon lit mist covering over a lake. "Bear the magic of Hecate with pride and bend reality in my name. Spread my name and one day you will walk the crossroads of worlds with impunity Jake Barriss." The voice finished and unlike the voice of Herakles I felt the magical power balloon within me subtly stretching my soul but unlike the pain of my body growing, apparently Hecate was a far gentler patron of divine power as her domains slipped into my soul with only a headache as the ability's information fell into my soul.

"Transmutation huh." I whispered smiling as I felt the ability that Hecate brought to the foreground of my mind. Sure, Hecate was a goddess of many domains, but she was most notably known for her domain over magic and witchcraft.

But she seemingly knowing that drowning me in infinite magic that could bend reality was a terrible idea only blessed me with the spell of transmutation that allowed me to alter the state and properties of things that I touch with my hands.

"Did she know of your fate and is pushing me to acquire you?" I pondered as I eyed the grotesque form of what would become Alpha in the Eminence in Shadow.

I sighed as for all I knew what she knew of the world was more than I did honestly. So using the strength of Herakles I pulled the thick metal bars of the cage apart so I could scoot into the cage holding the malformed body.

"Don't move this won't hurt a bit." I tried to sooth the monster as my hand sunk into its mushy pile of flesh and seemingly understanding my good intentions the quivering pile stopped moving. Then reaching to Hecate's power within my soul I felt the spell she engrained down into my soul naturally come to life as I instinctively followed the knowledge, she gave me to do the opposite of the spell to pull out the corruption and tainted mana within the creature.

As I pulled out the tainted mana and let it dissipate into the air, the monstrous form glowed with a bright light and then a large wave of ultra long blond hair erupted from the light as the nude form of a younger girl with elf ears collapsed against me. As I held the girl in my arms, I realized something rather strange... Where the hell was Cid, the protagonist?

I shook my head as I gently laid the blond-haired elf on the floor of the cage. "Just hold tight for a minute." I said frowning as I went out and thankfully managed to get some womans clothing and a blanket out of the caravan so I could throw the clothes in the sack of the coins I looted as well as wrap the girl in the blanket.

"We got to get out of here. Never know when someone comes looking for trouble." I muttered as I picked up the girl wrapped up in a couple thin blankets to preserve her modesty to leave the town while walking on the overgrown path that led away from it.

Whatever Herakles's full body blessing did to me, it allowed me to march with several hundred golden coins in a bag on my back and carry an admittedly light girl in my arms during the march for what seemed like several hours. As no other explanation was possible as it was only when dawns first light peaked over the surrounding tree's and further lit up the road, I was walking upon that the girl in my arms stirred awake slowly groaning groggily.

"Hey you. You are finally awake." I announced as I dropped my bag onto some grass and set the girl down so she could sit down against the thickly stuffed bag.

Where am I... I turned but." The girl who I honestly didn't know her real name despite being one of the main characters of the story muttered as she inspected her very normal skin covered hands.

I just sat down in front of the girl and she seemingly just noticing me flinched as she realized that besides her blankets, she was completely nude in front of what looked to be an older boy. "Hello, I was the one who saved you from the bandits that were taking you to be sold to the heretical church as well as saving you from the demon possession that plagued you." I announced with a soft smile, and I saw her eyes take in my form... And it was creepy as I could literally see the cogs in her head churning as she memorized my face down to the slightest detail.

"What do you mean, you cured my demon possession... The church of Divine Teachings said that all who are infected with that cursed must be cleansed in holy flames so they can reincarnate into a pure life in the next life." She whispered and I shook my head as I pointed at her.

"No. The demon possession is a result of you and all those other people having a bloodline connection to the three sacred hero's who slayed the apocalypse demon Diablos who cursed the bloodline for their actions and slaying of it... The church and many other organizations are involved in a cult aptly named the Cult of Diabolos who seeks to resurrect the demon lord and control it into taking over the world for themselves and wants those cursed by their bloodline to the Three Great Hero's." I explained and then I tilted my head to the side. "And what is your name anyway, mine is Jake Bariss, no nobility or anything just a humble Apostle of true gods. "I said cheerily and as I said my title, I felt my soul swell with power ever so slightly with power at the blond elf internalized my information.

"My name is... No, I was exiled from my homeland and abandoned, may you give me a new name?" She asked and I smiled as I stood up and I felt the morning sun landing upon my head and unbeknownst to me cast my newly demigod form in a sort of divine light.

"In that case. As the first person to feel my god's miracles, I name you Alpha. Your full name is to be Alpha Eve." I said in honor of her series name, but I honestly doubted I would be lucky enough to run into the other girls... I mean seriously how convenient was it for Cid to run into dozens of mostly little orphan girls all around the same age for him to cure of the demon possession.

"Now here I got you some clothes that fit a girl around the same size from the raided caravan I saved you from." I said pointing at the bag behind her. "I will turn around so you can get dressed." I said doing just that.

As I heard the sounds of the large sack opening, I heard Alpha speak softly. "What makes your gods more real that Lady Beatrix, the Goddess of this world? And more importantly what will you do about the Cult of Diabolos."

" I will answer when you allow me to turn around." I answered mirthfully but my eye twitched as she spoke swiftly.

"I don't mind if you look." She answered carelessly, but I kept my head on straight as she snorted at my silent denial and threw on her clothes and then spoke. "I am done."

Turning around I saw her clad in the peasantry attire I picked up before. "Well as for how my gods are more real... How about this then." I said simply as I kneeled down with my hand on the ground and I heard Alpha gasp as I transmuted the dirt beneath my feet to gold dust that I picked up with my hands and let it drift away in the winds. "I have earned the blessing of the Herakles a God of Strength and Hecate the Goddess of Magic, of course the gods have other domains but that's the blessings they have given me in the faith I have been able to provide them." I finished shrugging.

Alpha bit her bottom look as she eyed me and continued. "And your thoughts on the Diabolos Cult?" She asked and my carefree smile died down.

"Yeah... They basically want to bring about the apocalypses for their own ego and live an eternal life so fuck them. If I see or find any hint of them, I will do my best to kill them with no regret." I said with no fear of actually killing them.

Like if someone was faced with a complete monster and a normal criminal, they wouldn't feel the hangups they normally could when they kill a monster in human flesh. At least I felt confident that should I be faced with those monsters I could pull the metaphorical trigger.

"But the Diabolos Cult is a huge organization backed by many governments and the very church that the majority of the world worships bear in mind." I added and Alpha nodded in understanding.

Alpha stood up with her long blond hair trailing behind her as she did. "I will help you take down the Diabolos Cult I promise." She swore and I blinked as I never said anything about going directly after them... 'They had whole armies and literally had all the major nations of the world under their damned control one way or the other dammit!' I mentally screeched in distress as Alpha continued.

"Yes, in order to disband the Diabolos Cult, we will need far more personnel, funds, and training if we are to fight Dark-knights that fill the ranks of the Diabolos Cult." Alpha continued and I had to stop her there.

"No, my dear." I said softly as I felt the divine energy flowing within me. "We will show the world the light in true divinity that does not hide behind a veneer of 'working in mysterious ways'." I spoke with charisma wafting off me. And I felt the divinity within me swell as I made my stance. "I am going to establish a church to my gods, and I ask that you pray with me to at least Lady Hecate for her blessing to help you on your quest and journey." I spoke and she bit her lip in thought before she nodded.

"Very well. This is the absolute least I could do for you Jake Barriss." She answered and I smiled as I took her hand.

"Then just clasp your hands together with me and direct your thoughts, your hopes and dreams to Lady Hecate for her to judge you." I said softly as the words flowed from me unbidden as my own eyes closed and my consciousness was swallowed in silent calming darkness.


On the other hand, in Alpha's eyes stared at the man Jake Barris as his eyes closed and for a moment, she felt deep worry for him as his body went supernaturally still like a statue as he even halted breathing as he was seemingly locked in stasis as not even his divinely golden hair flowed with the wind anymore.

"Jake are you alright?" She asked but received no response from him in answer but instead Jake's hands heated up and she felt something seemingly drag her eyes closed and she herself was swallowed mentally into darkness but other than Jake being trapped in comforting silence of darkness, her eyes snapped back open, but she was greeted with the sight of herself being within a large tomb or mausoleum lit by braziers with green flames flickering from them.

"Approach mortal." A voice commanded Alpha and her eyes snapped seemingly magically to a woman sitting on a throne of bones and gems.

"Lady Hecate, I presume." Alpha softly spoke as a statement.

Hecate the goddess was a woman with pale skin long black midnight black hair and a rather voluptuous form that was clothed in a matching plain silk black dress. "Yes, so you in fact do have a mind in that little head of yours... So why should I bless you elf?" Hecate questioned simply as she made a chalice manifest in the air and then transmuted the mist in the air into red wine to fill the chalice.

At the power move of turning air into wine Alpha lowered her eyes realizing this woman... No, a goddess was beyond anything she had seen before but regardless she spoke her mind. "I desire to repay Jake with my life. With your blessing I will be able to serve and repay him better." Alpha answered simply.

Hecate hummed as she swirled her chalice of wine around before she took an elegant sip of it and then negligently threw it into the mist beside her throw but oddly no sound rang out from the metal chalice surely supposed to have collided with the floor. "No, no, no, little elf. You can't have both things." Hecate said with some cruelty entering her eyes. "This is your crossroad little mortal, either you faithfully serve Jake, and he helps your quest of vengeance and saving the world at his leisure. Or you get my power here and now, then leave him to take your quest alone while he is in stasis."

"Now choose the path... The crossroad you desire child." She whispered and Alpha's eyes were stony as she met the goddesses eyes.

"You are cruel." Alpha stated once again as a matter of fact.

Hecate only burst into laughter as she held her chest and jiggling breasts only held back from view by her silk robe. "Oh silly mortal." Hecate whispered and before Alpha could blink Hecate had teleported behind the elf and wrapped her arms around Alphas shoulders with the goddess's hand wrapping around the smaller girl's thin chin. "The secret little girl. Is that all gods and especially goddesses are cruel in our own ways." Hecate whispered into Alpha's frozen form that was shocked stiff at the power that bound her then in another instant Hecate teleported to her throne again.

Alpha took a deep breath as she eyed the goddess before her and realized there was really no choice, there was no actual choice or crossroad as she put it to begin with. "I choose Jake then. I don't want your blessing." Alpha said and Hecate grinned as she clapped her hands.

"Very good. Very good... Then for your loyal service to the Gods Apostle Jake Bariss I curse you Alpha Eve." Hecate said and Alpha felt her blood turn cold as ice at the words curse but then her head tilted to the side in absolute confusion as Hecate continued. "I curse you to live as long as Jake Barriss and be cursed with the memory and understanding of all magic that crosses your eyes. And lastly I curse you so that your pool of mana will only be as deep as your love and devotion to Jake Barriss." Hecate proclaimed thus mote it be as those very curses were woven into Alpha's being.

"Now begone little mortal. You have much proving to do." Hecate whispered as Alpha's soul was dragged out of the realm of Hecate within Jake's soul and returned to her body and she realized that somehow, she was on her knees clad in an intricate robe of misty magic that sang to her and most importantly Jake's previously frozen form was laid upon her knees, so she was giving him a lap pillow while he was unconscious.

Wordlessly Alpha raised a delicate hand and silently her hands parted through Jake's golden hair and as though in prophecy a loose hair gently escaped Jake's head and magically tied itself around Alpha's finger making her blush at her subconscious use of magic and how it looked around her finger.

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