The Eminence of a True Monarch of the Shadows

What happened when an actor/assassin reincarnates as Minoru (Cid's previous incarnation) and then later gets reincarnated once again as Cid Kagenou aka Shadow with the powers of The Shadow Monarch, read and find out.

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Chapter 129

[Celeste PoV]

Is... is it normal? Just when I was thinking so highly of him, he goes and ends up being married to all of these women.

I mean, this is a whole different world, so maybe I'm the weird one?... says the reincarnated me inside a baby's body.

Of course, I'm the weird one as well, but still, all of these ladies are with my daddy. Does that mean they would be my mother as well, or is it going to be a Cinderella story where they're evil and would make my life harder?

No... they don't look evil, and so far, they seemed nice even if some of them aren't right in the head.

Oh, daddy, why do you have to be a player... No, wait, if he wasn't a player, he wouldn't have gotten with mommy, which means I wouldn't have been born or reincarnated, so thank you, daddy, for being a player... I think.

"Do you want me to continue or not?" Igris said, seeing they were talking about something completely different from what he was saying.

Please do. I don't want to think about daddy being a player anymore.

"Sorry, please continue," the blond elf lady said.

Igris nodded his head before continuing daddy's amazing adventures. "Right after he killed Baran, the Rulers descended in front of Ashborn and asked him for his forgiveness."

They only asked for forgiveness because they're scared of daddy, heh, cowards.

"Although Ashborn initially refused to accept their gesture of peace and furiously demanded that they kill him so that they could finally win the war, the Rulers persisted in their plea, and Ashborn was so emotionally overwhelmed that he couldn't give them an answer."

Huh? Oh, that's right, I forgot Igris mentioning daddy's… Shadow Army? Whatever that is being nearly wiped out, so he was weakened.

So they weren't cowards; it was just me being a big dummy dum dum, got it. Hope you can forgive me wherever you guys are, Uncle Angels.

"Deciding to seek revenge against Rakan instead, Ashborn left the battlefield and went into hiding to rebuild his shadow army, allowing the Rulers to finally defeat the Monarchs and force them into hiding."

So did they win the war? Wait, if the Rulers were strong enough to defeat the Monarchs and my daddy is considered to be the strongest Ruler, just how strong is he? They need all eight Rulers/Angels to defeat daddy; it's absolutely amazing, my daddy is the best!

I looked at all their reactions and watched how intrigued they were in the story and continued listening.

"However, at some point after this, Ashborn returned to the Monarchs, and Antares, the Monarch of Destruction, the King of Dragons, the strongest Monarch, was happy to welcome him back to their ranks, as two of the Monarchs were lost, and the rest were still greatly weakened from their defeat against the Rulers."

Woah, those names and titles are even crazier and cooler than daddy's. Hold up, if this Antares guy is considered the strongest Monarch, does that mean he's stronger than daddy? After all, Igris said he was the strongest Ruler/Angel, so naturally, he should be the strongest Monarch as well… but Igris hasn't mentioned that; he called Antares or whatever his name is the strongest.

"This Antares guy, is he stronger than Lord Shadow?" the blond elf lady asked with a serious expression.

"Currently, our liege is definitely stronger and has more versatile abilities than when he was known as Ashborn, so yes, our liege is definitely stronger," Igris replied with a bit of pride in his voice.

"Then was Ashborn weaker than Antares?" I think her name was Gamma? Asked.

"In terms of strength and destruction ability, yes, yes he was. But what made Ashborn so feared wasn't his destructive power; no, it was his ability, which I'm sure you've witnessed," Igris said.

His ability? What is it? But before I had a chance to make any guesses, mommy then nodded her head,

"I witnessed it myself back when we first met; he's able to bring forth the dead and make them serve him, which in a war, especially if it's as big as you described, I can imagine can be very scary."

Woah, is that his "Shadow Army" which was mentioned before? Now that I take a closer look at Igris, he does look like he's made out of shadows. And one of my daddy's titles was The Shadow Monarch… So does that mean Igris is dead? I wonder what happened to him.

Igris then nodded his head, agreeing with mommy, "His army was known as an Immortal Army; they couldn't truly die and would just keep on generating using our liege's mana, thus adding to the fear factor."

That sounds so badass and so scary at the same time; I want to see how he does it.

Igris then continued, "Centuries later, when the Monarchs launched their assault on the human world, Ashborn followed them there out of his own desire to find his place in the universe, as he never felt like he truly belonged in the chaos world."

What are centuries? I don't truly know, but that sounds like a lot of time… how old is daddy even? He looked so young when I saw him; I mean, he's an Angel, so he must be really old… heh, I've got a grandpa for a daddy.

At the mention of centuries, my aunt gained a bit of a saddened look. I wonder why that is?

"At the same time, he also started looking for a suitable human vessel with the aid of a mage named Kandiaru, who agreed to help him in exchange for immortality and created a program specifically designed to accomplish this task."

"Is Cid the human vessel?" Auntie immediately asked with a really scary look in her eyes.

"He is not," Igris replied, which managed to calm that really scary look in her eyes.

"At some point during Kandiaru's search for a human with the right physique and mentality to serve as the Shadow Monarch's vessel, Ashborn noticed that there was one human who had stepped beyond the boundaries of the program Kandiaru created and deviated from all of its rules and expectations: Sung Jinwoo."

Big words which I definitely and totally understood, mmhmm, I understood every bit of it, don't worry about me here.

What even is a vessel… sigh. It's annoying when you don't understand what people are talking about.

"Despite the fact that Jinwoo was pathetically weak and constantly within death's reach, he somehow always managed to escape with his life, and the resolve that he demonstrated in risking his life over and over again for the sake of his family impressed Ashborn so much that he eventually came to believe that Jinwoo was worthy of becoming his vessel."

This Jinwoo guy doesn't sound too bad. I wonder what he looks like; he was even able to impress daddy.

"Despite Kandiaru's disapproval of his decision, Ashborn chose Jinwoo to be his host a few months before the Monarchs intended on hunting down the Rulers in the human world and started to slowly breed him into a vessel strong enough to fully absorb his powers through the device."

"When Jinwoo reached the appropriate level of strength, Kandiaru called him forth so that Ashborn could take control of him as his vessel. However, what Kandiaru didn't know at the time was that Ashborn no longer had any intention of taking control of Jinwoo as his vessel and wished to transfer his powers to him instead so that Jinwoo could succeed him as the next Shadow Monarch."

"What our liege didn't know at the time was that instead of transferring his power onto Jinwoo, the two instead became one entity, with Jinwoo as the main consciousness."


"As a result, he chose to betray Kandiaru by locking him out of the device he created, reneging on their deal, and giving Jinwoo his black heart. This would enable Jinwoo to later regain control of his body and kill Kandiaru after the latter realized that Ashborn sold him out and changed sides to the Rulers."

That wasn't very nice of daddy, going back on his words, after all this Kandiaru did help him.

"But as he was on death's door, Kandiaru gathered all of his power and secretly used it to send a message to all of the Monarchs about the Shadow Monarch changing sides. Upon learning about the Shadow Monarch's Betrayal, the Monarchs all gathered temporary vessels and used them to ambush Jinwoo when he least expected it. They then spent days and nights fighting until they ultimately overwhelmed him, thus killing him."

Umm, huh? I think my little baby ears are playing a trick on me; maybe they haven't fully developed. What does he mean daddy was killed?

"So then Lord Shadow…" The blond elf said, not finishing her question.

"Upon his death, he ended up reincarnating to another world without any memories of who he was, thus gaining a new life. That is until the gift inside our liege activated, reincarnating him to another world, upon which he used to grow stronger and gain knowledge. But unfortunately, he ended up being killed in that world and reincarnated here, regaining all of his former powers, and I'm sure you all know the rest."

WHAT!? My daddy is just like me then; he's a reincarnator! That is awesome; now daddy and I have something in common, yay!

"Woah… that is… Just wow, I knew our lord husband was amazing and had powers beyond this world, but still, who knew they ran this deep," the light blue-haired elf said with a surprised look.

And honestly, I can't blame her; I feel the same.

"So then those gates…" The sleepy lady said, too lazy to finish.

"They're the Monarchs coming after our liege again, or for something else," Igris said before turning to look in my direction.

Hmm, I wonder what… why are they all looking at me all of a sudden… They couldn't possibly be… hehehe, right?

Just when I was about to panic, Daddy reappeared and scooped me up back in his arms, causing me to calm down. That's right, I'm safe; daddy's got me. I have nothing to worry about, after all.

My daddy is the Shadow Monarch, the strongest being in this universe, and I'm his daughter.


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