9 Mysterious Hilt

"Really? I guess so, I'll ask my dad to buy it." Xian Hei transmitted back to Long Xiu.

"Dad, can you buy it? Please." Xian Hei begged.

After hesitating because it was just a hilt he accepted it, "Fine. Mister, how much is the price?"

Xiang Jun smiled, "5,000 Gold Coins."

'Heavens! that's a bit more than the price of the swords I picked out for Hei'er.' Xian Yu thought. Xian Yu made 200,000 Gold Coins as an Elemental Weapon & Armor Designer. Which was more than enough to live a wealthy life with his family. 5,000 would be enough to feed a family for a year.

Xian Yu stared at Xiang Jun's eyes, "Ok." He was a little hesitant, but he gave a pouch of Gold coins to Xiang Jun.

"Thank you for the business." Xiang Jun said enthusiastically.

Suddenly, Xian Hei spoke to the old man, "Mister, can you tell me more about the hilt?"

The old man didn't want to reveal it, but he did after a little thinking.

"A long time ago, around over a decade ago, I went exploring to an Ancient Tomb, after the end, I obtained the hilt, I saw its extraordinary craftsmanship, rivalling top hilts within powerful swords, so I decided to make a blade worthy of the hilt. I spent weeks, no, months on making the blade, it could be considered one of the best I made, and I couldn't even bring its full potential, although, I felt it had some sort of special property to it. When I inserted Elemental Energy to it, It was strengthened a bit, but I could not increase the amount was strengthened, at the end, it could only be compared to the top swords I made." The old man felt dejected.

"Oh, so that's why." Xian Hei said.

"Hei'er let's go." Xian Yu told.

Xiang Jun smiled them off, they were walking back, Xian Yu was still a little confused about something, "Hei'er, what did you see in this hilt?" He had been wondering.

"I felt a connection towards it, like a bond." Xian Hei answered truthfully.

"Well, that connection you felt cost me 5,000 Gold Coins." Xian Yu joked.

After their conversation, they went back home, Xian Yu went to work and Xian Hei had some time in the Training Room to use the hilt he bought and learn about it.

"Master, what is so special about this hilt?" Xian Hei was curious.

"This Hilt was made of the marrow of a Dragon, a strong one at that, I'm 99% sure it was from a Darkness Dragon, I can sense it." Long Xiu said.

Xian Hei was in shock, it was made of a Dragon's Marrow, whoever made it had to be extremely good at forging, and now he was going to use it. He still had a question though, "Master, why do I feel a connection towards this hilt?"

Long Xiu had a theory and said it, "I don't know how you'll take it, but since I'm pretty sure you have some sort of Dragon Bloodline." Long Xiu said.

Xian Hei was even more shocked now, "What?!"

"Think about it seriously, why do you think everything is dragons around you, your Elemental Art's, me and now this. Anyway, it probably is, you should ask your parents. But you shouldn't now, we need to look at this hilt." Long Xiu added

Xian Hei felt helpless, he was really curious, "Fine."

Long Xiu began instructing, "Try inserting Elemental Energy to the hilt."

Xian Hei nodded, he grabbed onto the hilt and inserted his Elemental Energy into it, "What's this?" Xian Hei was intrigued. The Patterns lit up, and suddenly, a purple blade was made from on top of the hilt.

"It's..made of Elemental Energy?" Xian Hei said out loud.

"Correct, I had a feeling about this, the blade is made out of Elemental Energy, it's a lot stronger than normal blades, and it has powers' of your element.

"Whoa, this is going to be powerful then." Xian Hei said in excitement.

They spent the next few hours using the sword, they found out many things. The Darkness Blade was extremely shot and had many abilities. It could release waves of Darkness Energy that are very powerful. It amplified his Elemental Energy to make it stronger, which was very useful.

After that, his dad came back and he planned on showing his sword to him now. His dad walked up to him and asked him a question, "Was the hilt any useful? What happened?"

He smiled, "Of course." Then he brought out his hilt and inserted Elemental Energy into it, the Darkness Blade was made.

Xian Yu was confused, "What?"

"I found out its secrets, it turns out that I could make a blade with my Elemental Energy with this hilt." He replied.

Xian Hei was even more confused now, "How did no one else figure this out?"

Xian Hei planned to ask him about the bloodline, "About that, I have a question, can we go see mom too?"

Xian Yu replied saying yes, they went to the living room, where they found his mother. They were confused but sat down not expecting what was going to happen.

"What is it Hei'er?" Yin Xiuying asked.

"It's something about me, do I have some sort of bloodline or something? I have my suspicions and it seems to be a dragon-related one, it has to be." Xian Hei asked.

Xian Yu and Yin Xiuying looked at each other, they didn't expect Xian Hei to say that. They were somehow knowing what their other was saying, it was time.

His mother talked first, "We didn't want you to know so early, but you do have one, I have one too, so I know that you have one."

Xian Hei was speechless he didn't know what to say, his master was right.

'So your mother has one too.' Long Xiu conversed telepathically.

"Sorry for not telling you, you're too young, we decided to tell you when you were strong enough." XIan Yu said a little dejected.

"No, I understand, but now that I know of this, can you two tell me who you guys really are?" XIan Hei has had many suspicions of his parents, they were very strong, and they had extremely strong techniques.

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