1 The Long Dream

"It was time to step into my happy place."

The sun was set, the lights of my bedroom were off. I grabbed my pillow and laid down on the bed.

I was able to sense déjà vu from the day of my birth, but as the time passed, I realized it wasn't just that; it was something far more godly than déjà vu. Likewise, I was gifted with the powers to see the next day in the future.

I was feeling anxious today as something was about to happen, and it made me so tired that I fell asleep when I closed my eyes...

"Where am I this time hmm, what place is this? Wait, I know this place, it's in my town, it's the "Supermarket street" busy as usual but, what am I doing here? It's been ages since I got out of my room.

While I was thinking about all this, a little puppy approached me. He was a cute little pup, he was wagging his little tail at me with an adorable smile. It appeared like he took a liking of me. But as I tried to pick him up, he began to head somewhere...

He walked into an alley foot far from me, he swished his tail again while calling me with his soft woof. I felt as he wanted to show me something. So, I followed his lead into the alley.

There was a cardboard box at the corner of the alley covered in a sort of rag. Under the blanket, many other little puppies were there who were shivering with cold. They looked at me with hope-filled eyes. I felt sorry for the little ones. I wanted to help them but I knew I can't.

All of a sudden, the puppy that took me to the alley started to pick up something on the roof. I noticed the pup's woof, and I tried to see what he was barking at. The roof was quite high, But I was able to see a figure on the roof watching us. In an instant, I realized it was a body of a man who was watching us.

It was hard to get his face straight, but I saw he had this weird look on his face.

he had a knife that shined like a blade of light. He turned his gaze towards me and looked straight at me.

He started to descend the roof with the knife in his hand, and that frightened me so much that I stepped back a few steps.

As he was descending, I got a clear look at him. His face was scary, but that was not what scared me. The clothes he was wearing were soaked in blood. He was munching on a piece of raw meat and I had no intention to find out where that meat came from...

He locked his eyes on me, as I was some kind of prey. A single sight of him thrilled me with fear...

I began to step back gradually, looking into his eyes. He was doing nothing, just staring at me like a mannequin. Even though I was trying to escape. After stepping back for a while, I was out of his attack range.

I took that advantage and rushed out of the alley when he was still there, glaring at me...

I escaped the alley and got myself on the street, but there wasn't even a single pedestrian on the road, it was ghosted!

The knife guy came out of the street, following me. he looked at me and said something in a low voice "RUN!"

The word "RUN" frightened me for the first time in my life, as I will die if I do not flee.

I was shouting for help while running away from the guy, but no one was there to help me, and there was no place I could hide.

It was a lonely road without anyone. There wasn't even a place where one can hide, but a remote construction site grabbed my attention as it was there for me, as it was calling my name out loud.

without a second thought, I rushed and got myself into the construction site. The site was a little shaded and dirty As nobody has been there for years. while exploring the site, I came across a hallway that was painted in gold and silver. It was shining as the paint was made up of gold and silver itself.

At the end of the hallway, there was a door, it was twice the luxurious as the walls of the hallway, I kind of couldn't get why only the hallway was decorated, while I was looking at the door, I heard footsteps coming up my way, I knew who it was.

The sound of footsteps alarmed me, without a second thought, I ran to the door at the end of the hallway as it was the only place I felt was safe at the moment, I grabbed the knob of the door and opened it, from the other side of the door enormous amount of light blinded me for a moment,

The next thing I saw was the ceiling of my bedroom. I woke up with my heart pounding as it'll tear its way out.

It was morning already I went into the bath to wash, I turned on the shower, but it was dry, I turned on the light to check it out, but the lights were cut off too. the electricity department of the city discontinued my power and water supply for not paying the bills.

I checked my mailbox. It was full of bills, saying I need to visit the office to get my services restarted again. It was like fate was not with me today. I had to step out...

I tied my hair which had grown out way too long since I shut myself in the house, I popped a pill that my therapist had prescribed to me, the actual taste of it was sweet, but I felt It was a bit bitter today, I pulled out my phone to use a map to pin the location of the power and water supply office.

And finally, I stepped out of my house without changing my bedsheets or cleaning the house.It took me a while to reach their office, my phone vibrated after reaching its destination with a message.

"You've reached your destination supermarket street."

"Hmm, supermarket street! It sounds familiar. Wait a minute fuck! Why the hell I'm here for!!! Don't tell me their office is situated here."

Out of nowhere, a cute puppy approached me while wagging its tail

"Aww, you're so cute!"

"AHH!!! Don't get carried away you idiot!! Ignore him, or you'll get into serious trouble," I bawled myself

I ignored the puppy and walked away, further along, my path I found a weeping child, I tried to ignore him but my inner self forced me to help him, so I approached him to ask what happened, as he saw me he grabbed me and started screaming aloud "please bring my mum back"

I couldn't say no to the child as he was crying ugly and finally, I asked him where his mother had gone. The child told me that his mother had told him to wait here until she returns with the puppies from the alley, but she had not yet returned.

The woman was in an alley where the insane guy was supposed to show up. I never wanted to go in the alley again but I also never wanted to live with the burden of someone's death who died because of me.

I moved into the alley; the woman was there in one piece, she was sitting by the puppies and was playing with them I turned my gaze to the top of the roof and the knife guy was there standing, staring down with cold eyes. He began to descend again as he did in the dream.

While he was descending, I called the woman and yelled at her, "RUN' or you will die, you have a child with you, run!!!"

The woman looked at me with a confused look. I knew explaining it to her will be just a waste of time. I grabbed her wrist and rushed out of the alley with her...

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"Shit, I couldn't avoid this I'm fucked, I have to lose him," I yelled at myself

We got out of the alley, her kid who was waiting there for her I told her to run In a different direction because I knew he'll come after me and as I thought he was chasing after me, and the same thing happened to me as I was in a loop...

After a while, I was again into the construction site, in front of the hallway and the door was still there. I opened the door before the knife guy could reach me. In a flash, a huge amount of light came from the other end of the door. The light was hot enough to melt my skin.

"AHH" I screamed in pain as the light was giving me burns

"What's this light, it's way too hot and what's emitting this much heat."

When I opened my eyes, the heat was gone, and I was out of the construction site. The knife guy was gone too. I was in a room with another door. I unlocked that door too, but this time there was no heat. Whatever happened was just blowing my mind.

As I walked through the door, I became dizzy, my vision faded, and I passed out.

The moment I got up I was again in my bed, but it wasn't my bed it felt different. The room was unfamiliar it was my house, but it wasn't my home because it was way too clean. I had no idea what was going on I swiftly got out of the building, and outside it was night already.

"NIGHT!! That can't happen, it's insane it was a bright sunny day just minutes ago before I opened—"

"The door! The door! I got here as I crossed the door, and it was the door that woke me up too. There something wrong with it gotta find out"

I grabbed my bike and drove like lightning to the site. I huffed for minutes after a tiring ride

"Ahh damn! I'm worn out, but I made it" let's find the mystery about this damn door"

I arrived at the door. It was still there. Without wasting a second, I unlocked and crossed over the door, but the moment I crossed the door, it vanished.

I was bamboozled when I couldn't find the door which was there just a minute ago

"What the hell, where's the door it was here a second ago I knew it, it was strange since the start, but what the heck—"

"A crack is detected in the seal, entity transport detected, maintain Balance among realms, entity level equalized, transfer successful, MIDGARD, LOSWLIRE, and DOINDTY connected successfully."

I cried out in confusion, "What in the fucking hell is happening, what's this voice talking about what's this entity transfer."

My body started shining into the lights of the rainbow and buzz! I got teleported somewhere!!!

In the next moment, I was in a pond with dirty algae floating everywhere and it was so stinking that I cried out in disgust.

"Who's there, is anyone out there?"

I heard a voice. Someone was out there, and it was headed toward me. It was a girl, dressed like a poor mob. She had long silver colored hair to the waist, beautiful blue eyes and pale skin and a pretty face as of an angel of heaven. I felt as I've seen her somewhere—

"Are you okay? How did you get in there! come out! or you'll get leeches on you."

her pupils enlarged after seeing me into the pond

She gave me a hand and pulled me out of the pond she asked who I was and how did I get in there. It was so sudden that I came up with a lie

"Um, I tripped and fell into it. I'm Kai Reid. I don't remember anything about this place I've lost my memories or how I came here I don't have my memories, so I can't give you an explanation."

My reply was so naïve, that it didn't even convince me but, she smiled at me and told me it's okay if I don't know this place I can come along with her if I want to...

-to be continued

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