4 Does This Excite You?

"So, you can talk?" I asked.

Melia looked away from me shyly, so I walked over to her and placed a hand on her cheek. Taking into account that my hand could slip, though, I concentrated on her cheek.

Suddenly, I could feel Melia's face pressed into my hand, and both of us jumped back in surprise. I looked down at my hand and then back to Melia, who was rubbing the place where I had touched.

"How did you do that?! I felt you touch my face! My real face!" Melia said with a confused look on her face.

I looked back at my hand and backtracked my thoughts to what I had done. I was concentrating on Melia's face, so maybe that was what caused it?

"I have never heard of anything like that… wait, what are you doing! I told you to stop thinking like that! You're starting to make me wet-," Melia tried to complain, but I moved fast while putting my brain in overdrive.

Thought's; that was the key to my hunger and power, whatever it was. If I was a Pokémon, I had abilities or moves, which must be some part of them.

I concentrated on my hand, lips, and chest and what I planned on doing with them. I slipped one hand on the back of Melia's neck and pulled her into a kiss that cut her words completely off.

I used my other hand to slide down her back and firmly grip Melia's soft pink ass in my hand. I squeezed, and Melia melted in my arms, moaning into my mouth as I pulled her body into mine.

She was much shorter than me, so I picked her off the ground, concentrating on all parts of her body. Melia wrapped her legs around my waist, and her long tail wrapped around my leg.

It was an awkward kiss at first, but it didn't take long for us to figure it out. As we kissed, the Mew girl's dripping wet Poké-pussy pressed into my shaft, making me ache for more.

I let go of the back of her neck and placed the free hand under Melia's ass as we kissed slowly but with passion. The Mew girl wrapped her arms around my neck, grinding her wetness into my shaft.

In response, I slowly started to move her up and down the front of my throbbing rod that was pulsing with the urge to enter this beautiful creature. I didn't want to rush it or her, so I was surprised when she took one of her arms from my neck, breaking from our kiss.

"We don't, *huff, huff,* have a lot, *huff, huff,* time, and I need to tell you more things before you go back!" Melia said through her panting, and I groaned, rolling my eyes, but then grinned.

"Sure, I get it," I said and walked over to a sizable glittering gem with a large flat surface and sat down.

Melia slid down the length of my Poké-Piercer, making a wet noise when she landed on my lap. I started to run the tips of my finger over her back fur, and Melia gave a slight shiver of pleasure with a small moan.

"What are you? That feels so good, but it's just your fingers, and you are so gentle with them! Why? I thought you would be ravishing and groping my entire body and forcing yourself on me, but you wanted to go slow? I don't get it?" Melia said with a confused look.

"I am a Pokémon according to you, but I also am kind, and I can be aggressive if I want to, but not forceful," I explained to her as I stroked her, then I started to ask, "Now, my pretty little pink furry woman, what do you need to…."

My voice trailed off as Melia slid down my legs, leaving a trail, taking my rod in both hands as she stared at it for a moment. My heart rate rose, causing it to twitch in her hands and pulse.

[If I let you into me, I won't be able to think, but I can do this for you now.]

Melia's sweet voice filled my mind as I watched with rapt attention, seeing the pink mouth slowly open, but she didn't lower her head yet. Both my lungs and hands had stopped moving as she looked up at me with beautiful big blue eyes.

[Does this excite you?]

I didn't have use of my lungs right now, so words were impossible, but watching her edge closer was almost more than I could take. This girl knew how to build the suspense up, and I was nothing more than a passenger along for the ride at this point.

[The most important things you need to know are that you can evolve; the shrinking matrix of the Pokéballs will work on you; Pokémon will recognize you and feel relaxed from your touch. The important thing is that your sexual secretions will turn a human female into a Pokémon.]

Melia closed her mouth to smile, let go of my shaft with one hand, and reached down between our legs. I took a slow but sharp breath of air in as I watched Melia start to rub her hand over her wetness that was dripping on my legs with a moan.

I was having trouble thinking straight as I watched her, but the last part of what she had said was interesting.

[I want you to stop the humans from killing, raping, and eating us. Nothing that any of us last ten have done has worked, and this was the last hope effort. I know that you were once human, and you look like one, but there is a reason for that. We need you to free Arceus and his five children. With them, if they are still alive, we can change things back.]

That snapped me back, and my mind started to race as I thought about the words echoing in my mind. This was worrisome and more than a bit scary.

One of the children could have caused this change because Arceus was said to have created everything. Each of his children received powers that defied logic, but Arceus alone could have done this.


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