You Did Not Cherish The Opportunity!

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Ye Chen's ears were already ringing as the bids kept coming.

In just five minutes, the highest bid had reached 400 million.

It could be seen that most of the people had come here for the hundred-herb cauldron.

Were it not for the fact that there was an even more important item to be auctioned off later, the scene right now would have been even more chaotic.

Ye Chen's eyes narrowed slightly. He immediately sent a text message to Jin Lengyan, asking her to place a bid for the hundred-herb cauldron.

Jin Lengyan, who was on-stage, saw the text message and put on an extremely sexy smile.

'He's finally made his move. It seems like he's determined to get the hundred-herb cauldron. Did the alchemist behind him ask him to bid for it?'

Of course, the thought that Ye Chen was the alchemist never crossed Jin Lengyan's mind.

Given his young age, who would believe that he could have understood and mastered alchemy?

"430 million!"