Wrapping Up The Secret Realm

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"I've already surrendered to Ye Shitian. After seeing all this, are you sure you still want to resist?"

Huang Zhantian suddenly threw a punch that forced Wanyan Pojun back.

"You will all be killed by my master, so why are you still fighting? Hurry up and surrender. If it wasn't for the fact that my master cherishes talent, he would have killed you long ago!"

Huang Zhantian looked at Ye Shitian respectfully and said, "Master, please wait! I'll definitely beat these three into submission!"

"There's no need for that!" Ye Chen took a step forward and placed his hands behind his back. As he breathed in and out, his demonic energy surged. His gaze swept across Wanyan Pojun, Huang Wuqiang, and the other genius. "If you can withstand one of my attacks, you can leave!"

"Of course, if you can't stop it, I'll kill you!"

Hearing this, Wanyan Pojun was stunned. The way he looked at Ye Chen changed.