Who Sent You Here?

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At this moment, the entire villa fell silent.

Those experts stared at the man in the suit, who had a ghastly and bloody hole in his chest. 

They could scarcely believe that an expert who had suppressed them single-handedly would actually be defeated by this young man with a single punch.

What was even more laughable was that this young man was the existence that they despised the most during this period of time.


The man's body smashed into the tempered glass, causing it to shatter.

The man could clearly see the blood that was flowing out of his chest, and he felt as if countless bones had been broken. He could even sense the aura of death enveloping him.

His pupils suddenly contracted as he tried to prop himself up. He wanted to leave, but found that the devil-like young man had already appeared in front of him.

"Who sent you?"

Ye Chen's indifferent voice rang out.