Who Else Is There?

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Sha Li knew very well that he had to pass on the message at all costs. Otherwise, if Ye Chen continued to grow and develop, he would become a great threat to the Blood Alliance.

Just as he was about to disappear into the ground, a pair of large hands suddenly came rushing toward him.


Ye Chen slammed his fists into the ground, causing dust and rocks to fly everywhere.

A two-meter deep pit was formed, which also revealed Sha Li's shadowy figure.

"Hmph, you still want to escape? Do you think I'll let you do that?"

Ye Chen condensed a drop of blood and released his life rune at the same time, and countless lightning bolts gathered in his palm!

His five fingers pierced through the black fog!

"You can't touch me! Haha!" Sha Li laughed sinisterly.

However, he did not notice that Ye Chen's expression was full of confidence.