"What's this kid's cultivation level?!"

"Oh my god… What a powerful aura!"

"Not good, the Fallen Sword Formation is about to be torn apart!"

It was not just Ren Qiyun. Everyone present was stunned when they saw Ye Chen's sword move.

What exactly was going on here?

Such an astonishing attack even made many people ignore the lightning arcs surrounding Ye Chen amidst the formation, which was due to the sudden change in his life rune after absorbing the tribulation lightning on Jiang Dao Mountain.

Unfortunately, at this moment, no one could calm down and savor this unique sight. 

The crowd watched as the imposing attack overwhelmed the formation.

Could the Fallen Sword Formation withstand this attack? 

In the distance, Jiang Wentian and Jiang Jianfeng widened their eyes in unison.

Ye Chen had given them too many surprises!