"Why are you here?" Ye Chen asked in surprise as he looked at the young woman. The strange thing was that Ye Chen did not notice the other party until she appeared beside him.

Ye Chen's true strength was far beyond the saint king realm, whereas she was much weaker. Logically speaking, as long as she was within a hundred meters of Ye Chen, he would be able to detect her presence.

However, she had appeared out of the blue, which likely meant that she had a treasure that allowed her to hide her aura.

"You can't take this thing. The energy inside is too violent. Master said that even a Supreme Emperor realm expert might not be able to handle it, let alone you."

"My Senior Sister discovered this thing back then and accidentally consumed it. Master tried everything he could to save her, but he still couldn't. I don't want you to end up like she did."

The young girl blinked her eyes innocently, but her expression was serious.