Mingcui Villa.

Over the past few days, Ye Chen had entered the Samsara Graveyard several times to check on the reforging progress. However, the Immortal Lord was still focused on forging the sword.

The power of the dragon vein and all of the spiritual energy in the entire Samsara Graveyard was frantically pouring into the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword, and it burned with fire, and sparked with lightning.

Ye Chen did not even dare to approach it.

Once he got close, the powerful pressure made his blood surge, and he even spat out blood several times.

Ye Chen knew very well that once the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword was successfully reforged, his strength would definitely rise by a huge level.

"Disciple, I originally thought that this old fellow didn't like you, but by doing this, it's apparent that he has acknowledged you," Duan Leiren walked to Ye Chen's side and said calmly.