Uncertain Intentions

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It was Sun Yi!

"Little Chen, didn't you tell Ruoxue that you were only going for a day? It's already the fourth day. If it wasn't for Senior Shen saying that you were fine, I would have gone to the Kunlun Mountains to look for you."

Ye Chen held Sun Yi in his arms, and then looked around and said, "Why are you alone? Where are Ruoxue and the others? And my mom?"

Sun Yi had no intention of letting go. She hugged Ye Chen and explained, "Aunty has been breaking through in the cultivation room since that day. I don't know how many cultivation realms she has broken through. Something must have affected her, and she's still breaking through."

"As for Ruoxue and Zhu Ya, they didn't cultivate. However, something seemed to have happened in Jiangnan Province. After all, the Zhu family and the Xia family are both in Jiangnan Province."

Ye Chen frowned. Something happened in Jiangnan Province?