Unbelievable Shock!

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Xia Ruoxue put her hands on the conference table and looked at Su Na, demanding, "Su Na, are you telling the truth? Who do you mean by Director Sun?"

Overjoyed, Su Na knew that this was her chance to get revenge. With a cold harrumph, she said, "Of course it's the truth. Sun Yi just told me that earlier, so you can ask her if you don't believe me."

With that, she Iifted her chin and looked down her nose at Sun Yi, her gaze full of malice.

Everyone's attention turned to Sun Yi, but Sun Yi was slightly stunned.

She had a formula, yes, but it was one that Ye Chen had casually come up with.

How could she show them such a joke of a formula?

She glanced at Su Na, who was clearly enjoying herself at Sun Yi's expense and waiting for the former to embarrass herself.

What should she do?

Was she really going to become the Magnificent Group's laughing stock from today on?