Two Versus One (Part 2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Sword strikes flashed through the air, and two extremely powerful auras erupted! 

The two of them did not hold back at all, and targeted Ye Chen's vital points. In response, the Dragonslayer Sword in Ye Chen's hand erupted with a bloody aura. Ye Chen was not afraid at all, and even fused the blood dragon's power into his attacks.

Jiang Haishan and the old woman were pretty much late-stage unity realm experts, so the gap between him and them was immense. 

Even though Ye Chen's sword techniques were powerful, his cultivation level still lagged behind theirs, so he was gradually pushed back.

In the end, the Dragonslayer Sword was knocked out of Ye Chen's hand!

Jiang Haishan and the old woman's eyes gleamed with joy, and they immediately struck, aiming for his neck and heart!

Ye Chen would die!

Jiang Jianfeng's expression changed. He wanted to help Ye Chen but was stopped by an old man beside Old Master Jiang.