At this moment, the Situ family elder's mind was filled with many thoughts.

He could sense the power contained within Ye Chen's punch. The violent power of the blood dragon and divine lightning would definitely heavily injure him!

Furthermore, his weapon was broken, and there was no time to grab another one. Left with no choice, he clenched his fist and infused his true qi into it.


The two forces suddenly collided, and the ground cracked in all directions, forming deep ravines. Dust and smoke filled the air, obscuring everyone's view.

The armored expert from the Punishment Bureau and the elder from the Xu family held their breaths in anticipation.

"Why does it feel that something is wrong?" the Xu family elder suddenly said.

As soon as he finished speaking, a heart-wrenching cry rang out. Amidst the cloud of dust, he spotted a figure falling over.