They had thought that Ye Shitian's true power had been unleashed when he stopped the sea of swords, but now he could control it too?

Just who was this person?

Jian Ruxue's expression turned unsightly. This was a humiliation for the Blood Alliance, as they were being pushed back despite having such a great numerical advantage. 

Looking at the disciples and elders around him, the anger in his heart rushed to his head.

Damn it!

He hesitated for a few seconds before taking out a piece of jade from his pocket. It was similar to a mobile phone.

It was used for communication between sects.

He did not dare to gamble the fate of the Blood Alliance. The power that Ye Shitian displayed just now was something that even he could not resist!

Right now, the only thing he could be sure of was that he could not use his sword. Otherwise, he would definitely die.

He had to find allies! Ye Shitian was too powerful!