"Little b*stard, without that black aura, let's see what else you can do!" Pan Yu roared angrily and increased his aura to its peak state. He brandished his spiritual sword and unleashed a violent attack with the momentum of lightning!

A dense barrage of sword qi flew toward Ye Chen, each containing the power of a peak-level saint king realm expert!

After what he had just witnessed, there was no way he would underestimate Ye Chen.

His sword moved faster and faster as waves and waves of sword qi swept out in a tyrannical manner. Pan Yu spared no expense in trying to kill Ye Chen.

The endless sword qi seemed to take the shape of a formation that enveloped Ye Chen, and cracks appeared on the ground where Ye Chen was standing.

"Soul Suppressing Sword, come!"

Once the sword was in his hand, he activated the Azure Dragon Phantom Body technique and charged forward. His own barrage of sword qi filled the sky, and clanging sounds rang out continuously.