"The sect master of the Fallen Sword sect? So what if he comes after me! I just told you that your death will be the first of many. I will destroy the Fallen Sword sect if they dare to seek revenge. Just come at me!"

The sword skill that Chen Tianli had taught him was too powerful, and gave Su Mingwu no chance to catch his breath. Ye Chen was no longer a weakling like he had been five years ago when he stepped into the Kunlun Mountains!

During those five years, no one knew how much he suffered while he was in the Kunlun Mountains!

For the sake of revenge, he had endured everything!

The rejection and disdain of all the sects were still vivid in his mind. Were people with mortal roots not worthy of cultivating?

Well, the joke was on them now!

As for the Fallen Sword sect?

Ye Chen did not fear them at all! 

Since the grudge between the two sides could no longer be resolved, why should he bother with showing mercy?