Ye Chen closed his eyes tightly, the pain on his face was evident. The endless black aura seemed to want to devour Ye Chen.

At this moment, the black stone in Ye Chen's pocket flew out, and an old figure gradually floated in the middle of the cultivation room.

It was Lin Qingxuan.

Lin Qingxuan looked at Ye Chen and frowned.

"What kind of bloodline does the master of the Samsara Graveyard have? It seems that his bloodline can perfectly fuse with this evil object. It almost seems like it exists for him."

"Martial Dao, Slaughter Dao, Medical Dao, and Demon Dao."

"There are thousands of Daos in the universe, but why do I feel like this kid can completely fuse with every single one of them? What kind of heaven-defying bloodline does this guy have?"

"Moreover, based on the current situation, once this kid submerges himself in the Slaughter and Demon Daos, my Medical Dao inheritance will definitely be affected."