As expected, Lei Jianyun's eyes flashed with a trace of coldness as he said directly, "In that case, do you know where Ye Chen is? Today, I'll see what these two people with the surname Ye are capable of!"

Elder Zheng's face was filled with excitement as he continued, "Sir, I've already arranged for a plane to take us there. Today will be his death anniversary!"


In a mysterious base, an old man looked at the scene in front of him with a tight frown.

"How should we deal with this matter? This has never happened in all these years!"

"It's time to use our hidden power," the old man sighed and said.


Twenty minutes later, the man came back in a hurry.

"Not good," the man said hurriedly.

"What happened?" The old man's eyes narrowed.

"None of the experts we sent out have returned!"

"That group of experts have already boarded the plane, and are heading straight for Ye Chen."