"Tell me, what happened over these past few days. Don't skip anything."

Ji Lin ate a potato chip and felt that her sister was too straightforward. She should have at least humored her question, right?

She pursed her lips and said, "Don't you care about that Huaxia kid?"

Hearing this, Ji Siqing's eyes narrowed. "You're not talking about Ye Chen, are you?"

"Of course!" Ji Lin snapped her fingers and smiled. "Ye Chen has come to the Kunlun Mountains! Also, if it weren't for Ye Chen, I probably wouldn't have made it back!"

Ji Lin's words were so shocking that Ji Siqing's expression changed. She could not think of any situation where that would be possible.

Even if the two of them met, Ye Chen's strength was insignificant in the Kunlun Mountains. How could he save Ji Lin?