Chen Qingcang?

Who was Chen Qingcang?

Beiye was stunned.

He knew the top 100 experts of Huaxia's grandmaster rankings like the back of his hand. From this old man's aura, he was definitely one of their top experts.

However, the name did not match anyone he knew!

More importantly, was there such a terrifying existence in Huaxia? His gut feeling told him that this old man's strength eclipsed even the top 10 experts of the grandmaster rankings!

Endless fear and dread filled his heart. 

Who was this person and why was he so powerful?

Was he doomed?

Chen Qingcang ignored Beiye. In his eyes, everyone was an ant, with the exception of one person…

It was the injured young man!

He looked at Ye Chen and waved his arm. A stream of true qi surged into Ye Chen's body. The warm current flowed through the injured part of Ye Chen's body, and his condition immediately improved. 

"Get up."