Not long after, in a teahouse outside the Blessed Cemetery.

The teahouse had been cleared and there were five to six powerful experts standing guard outside, one of which was a Daoyuan realm expert.

Mo Ning sat alone, drinking the best tea.

One cup, and then another.

Time passed, and eventually, Mo Ning's calm eyes showed a hint of anger.

Ye Chen was not here yet!

Ever since she was young, she had never waited for anyone. Yet today, she was being stood up!

No matter what the reason was, this was unforgivable!

The middle-aged man rushed in. His face was ferocious as he said angrily, "Miss Mo, there's no need to wait any longer. Those two b*stards are really courting death. I've already informed the Punishment Bureau. They will bring these two here later!"

"Where did they go?" Mo Ning asked, suppressing her anger.