Spirit Void Pill

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Luo Yao's mouth was also agape, and her lively eyes were filled with shock.

Mr. Ye had never been here before, right?

Why were there two people with noble statuses protecting him?

Sympathy? Or was it because of Mr. Ye's alchemy talent?

While everyone was shocked, Old Fang and Old Yang looked at each other and forced out a drop of blood essence.

Then, the sealed door of the Core Tower opened.

The two of them looked at Ye Chen and said respectfully, "Please enter!"

When Daoist Nanxuan saw this scene, he became extremely furious and took a step forward as he roared, "You two! How dare you overstep your authority while Alchemy Master Ling Yi is not around! If I report this matter to the higher-ups and Alchemy Master Ling Yi, do you realize what the consequences will be?"

Old Yang's pupils constricted, and his killing intent surged into the sky. He held his sword aloft and charged at Daoist Nanxuan!