Shen Shixi was the most shocked.

"I didn't expect Mr. Ye to actually improve this much. This eclipses what I witnessed from him that day in Capital City."

"I finally understand why the Myriad Daos Swordmaster instructed us to serve and follow Ye Chen."

"Given Ye Chen's talent, as long as he doesn't die in three years, it will be him protecting the sect, and not the other way around. For now, the most important thing is to ensure that he can grow to his full potential. No matter what, we have to protect him!"

Shen Shixi made up his mind.

Young Miss Ji, who was beside Shen Shixi, was even more excited.

Ye Shitian had given her a huge surprise!

All the treasures in Yibao Pavilion could not compare to Ye Shitian!

She had also made up her mind that the Ji family had to win Ye Shitian over at all costs!